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15 Ways and Signs The Universe Sends You Messages


When we fall into bad times it’s very easy to think that we are all alone in our miseries and intentionally we start isolating ourselves from our support system. But that’s farthest from the truth because no one is alone in this universe. Each one of us is connected to this universe in countless ways which like threads that are seamlessly woven into our soul and being. We do not even have the wildest idea about and it’s through these threads that the universe keeps sending us signals and subtle signs. In our daily lives, we are not mindful enough to sense these messages coming across to us, instead, we pass them off as mere coincidences, but it’s highly likely that it was a potent nudge from the universe to guide us in one direction or another. Here are 15 such possible ways that the universe is sending you subtle hints and messages waiting for you to catch it on time.

1Recurring Experiences

This is déjà vu practically slapping you on your face. The same things keep occurring to you every day. If you keep spilling your tea, stubbing your toe, losing your car keys or phone frequently, just slow down as there could be some meaning in these occurrences even though it isn’t obvious in the beginning.

Recurring Experiences

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Our unconscious mind is most vulnerable to the happenings of a wider universe when we sleep. This is because we are without any logical and pragmatic armors and it’s during this state that our subconscious mind receives messages from the universe being totally tuned in when we sleep. These messages are usually conveyed to us as dreams because sleeping gives us enough time to tune in and absorb the messages sent to us.


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Animals are the most ancient and the effective messengers to us humans from the universe at large. They are honest and more receptive with faculties which are way more honed as compared to us. Repeated signs such as frequent visits by a specific bird or an animal or unexplained animal behavior towards us can be strong messages that something big is waiting for us such as a task which needs to be fulfilled. It can also mean unfulfilled dreams. For example, sightings of birds flocking together high up at sky might mean that you also need to break the rut and pursue your heart’s desire and travel across the globe.


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4Repeatedly seeing Number Patterns

It’s a wonder that numbers are human creations but still, nature so easily uses it to communicate messages to us. To recognize messages from the universe, you need to look for patterns of numbers as it is within such codes of numbers that messages are found. For example, if you happen to see the number 11:11, it is considered an auspicious sign from the universe with spiritual overtones to it. This and number patterns like 111, 222, 1212, 333 or 555 are wake up calls from your soul and the universe.

Repeatedly seeing Number Patterns

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You have just been thinking about a specific person in your life, maybe a family member or a friend and out of the blue you bump into them or you receive a surprise letter or message from them that they have been thinking about you lately and wanted to get in touch. I am sure everyone has experienced this at least once in their lifetime.

It’s the universe way of telling you that you are on the right path and your thought process is concurrent with the future that the fate has decided for you. In fact, it’s a universe’s way of saying carry on and don’t worry about the future!


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6Losing/Finding/Breaking Objects

Human beings often relate their lives with their possessions and connections which we see as an important asset of life. In fact, our whole life revolves around them. The universe also uses these tools or assets to send us subtle hints.

For example, if we find something which we had long lost, it could be a sign to recall a memory buried in your mind whereas breaking something could mean we need to break certain ties or let go of something or let go of the past.

Losing/Finding/Breaking Objects

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7Recurring Words/Phrases

Well here is the same feeling of déjà vu occurs but not with repeatedly occurring incidents but with repeated occurrence of words. We often come across phrases or words every day while commuting to work or at our home on daily basis but never really paid much attention to it. We might hear an occurring word or phrase and often think when or where we have heard it before. As weird as it sounds, there are many who have experienced this phenomenon of feeling that the words spoken in a life situation were the same as heard in a past dream. If we are mindful and conscious these subtle words can be a clue for us to figure out our destiny.

Recurring Words/Phrases

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8Pain and Illness

Many times, pain manifests in our system for no apparent reasons such as accidents or hurt, the same might happen with an illness which debilitates us for no apparent health or medical reasons what so ever. We may be perfectly healthy in medical terms but still, we may fall ill.

Such occurring pains and illness may have a hidden significance which only we can decipher if we pay close attention to it and think about our lives seriously.

Pain and Illness

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Are you one of those people who always have a song in their minds and always humming a tune while going about their lives? You may have experienced getting up in the morning with a tune in your head. Or there is specific music which stops you in your tracks and takes you to some other dimension altogether. It’s because our mind creates a link between our emotions and music, which in return is used by the cosmos to convey important messages to us through those specific tunes and lyrics.


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Well, weather affects many people at the same time so it’s a bit hard to believe that the universe is trying to communicate with you specifically. For example, in a downpour, you cannot expect to get a special message while everyone around is also getting drenched as you. The trick lies in what you feel in that weather. So if your concentration is broken amidst a hail storm or a blizzard while everyone in your office seems to be oblivious to it, it’s a sign you need a break.

Moreover, if you always long for a downpour or thunderstorm, it might signify that you want to wash away your past memories and start off with a clean slate.


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11Unexpected Meetings

You are in a fix, maybe in your professional life or personal life and can’t get out of it by yourself and need help desperately. And out of nowhere, you meet up with a person who is just the one to solve all your immediate problems. Like a gift from God! Maybe you are wandering aimlessly in life and you come across a person who becomes your mentor and guides you towards your true calling in life!

This is universe’s way to tell you to change the wrong track of life and put yourself in the right direction to achieve your true desires. Hold on to the mentor sent to you by the universe and follow the guidelines for a better life.

Unexpected Meetings

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12Emotions That Are Out Of Place

When we feel our emotions are all confused and out of place it is universe way to tell you to slow down and strategies your life. If you think you are on the right path but have unexplained fears or nerves before taking the plunge, then you should follow your gut feeling and stay put.

Emotions That Are Out Of Place

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13Unusual/New Words

You come across a new phrase or a word pretty frequently, especially before you start a new endeavor. It’s the universe’s way of telling you to hold back and be cautious. If it’s a new word try to understand the meaning of it and try to link it with your present predicament and you’ll see the hidden message.

Unusual words as message

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The perception of smell can open a Pandora’s Box in our minds as it might remind us of a person or an event of the past. These are the links between the present you and the past which you must not forget. When you do come across an unusual scent which you have never experienced before, it might mean that something or some special person has a very important role to play in your future life or in your present predicament. It’s just that you have not spotted them as yet.


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15Gut Feelings

As we have mentioned earlier our subconscious mind is more in tune with the cosmos as compared to our more pragmatic conscious self. Our gut feeling is the reflection of our subconscious mind and one must never ignore that. We also call it intuition or sixth sense which is nothing but our subconscious mind relaying messages to our active minds.

Gut Feelings

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