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What Type Of Ghost You Would Be, According To Your Zodiac Sign

By GARGI CHAKRAVORTY, 14 February 2018


Reading your daily zodiac forecast in the paper or online is perhaps the biggest breakfast pastime of people worldwide. Most of us do not even believe in such things but read it for fun. We forget it as soon as we are faced with a hot tasty breakfast or a bus to catch for work. For decades sun signs have been considered fun and something to gossip about. But did you ever consider there could be an insidious side to your harmless zodiac sign which reveals much more than just your personality traits, quirks and love matches?

Yes, we mean a paranormal connection with your zodiac sign which would not leave you as cheerful as you would be otherwise. Here is the list of what kind of paranormal entity you can be (…after your death obviously), and some are downright spooky. So According to your Zodiac, here is what kind of ghost you would be.

What Type of Ghost You Would Be, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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1Aries - Poltergeist

Poltergeist is a German term meaning “mischievous ghost”. They are noisy, turbulent and aggressive, which pretty much sums up a live Aries man or woman too (NO disrespect intended). They usually feed on negative energy and attack when there is tension or grief in the house. So do not be surprised if you come back home and find your furniture rearranged in a creepy fashion, it’s just your departed Aries cousin saying hello!

Aries - Poltergeist

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2Taurus - Grey Lady

Since Taurus as a sun sign is the most grounded and practical personality, they may remain the same way after they have passed away too! A Tauran ghost would be a well-wisher, doomed to watch over families for their safety in silence, most probably wearing a creepy Victorian grey blowy dress standing at the top of a staircase (creating a stereotype here).

Taurus - Grey Lady

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3Gemini - Trickster Ghost


Gemini’s like to live life to the fullest and have fun. Especially playing pranks and tricks at others is their favorite pastime from school days till their afterlives as well. An Aries ghost is known for opening up all your closet and cabinets, breaking mirrors and just being a nuisance all around. They also have another gift; they are excellent wordsmiths and can get into your psyche and tell you exactly what you want to hear. So if you think lately the ghost in your room is appearing very logical in its influence over you, then it’s most probably a Gemini ghost.

Gemini - Trickster Ghost

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