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Place 3 Lemons on your nightstand every night. It may change your life for the better

By Andrew Alpin, 19 March 2017


Till now you might have been made aware of how lemons contain a number of health benefits. Due to their high concentration of antioxidants, lemons have the power to cure and prevent a number of diseases. Lemons are also a potent astringent against acne, but there’s a new fact about lemons that you might not know.

Perhaps the most contradictory phrase in the world today is “GO Suck a Lemon” because that’s the best thing anyone can do!!! Lemons by virtue of a variety of uses can actually help you get rid of negative energy and trap positive energies within you and your home which means that would be a big boost for your mental and physical health. Read how lemons on your nightstand can make a big difference in your life.

1 Negative energy can be bad for health

It’s a known fact that negative energy has a serious impact on your health. In relationships and your career it can be detrimental to the point of failure. As much as you might be taught to believe that rationality dictates that such matters don’t exist, there is an infinite amount of truth at least in the mental aspects of our physiology that negativity can cause health problems. If Stress can trigger bouts of depression and aggravate gastric ulcers, that’s the same as saying negativity can affect your health.

Negative energy can be bad for health

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2 How to use lemon for neutralizing negative energy at home

Lemon can actually neutralize the harmful effects of negative energy in several ways. Place three lemons in corners of your home, your nightstand or bedside table. When they turn black, replace them with fresh ones.

How to use lemon

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Take a basket and fill it with rice. Then place 9 Lemons upon it and keep it in your refrigerator. One lemon should be in the center while eight should be around it.

Lemons in a bowl

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