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How Much Do You Really Know About Demonic Possessions?

By KK Angus, 13 February 2018


You've only heard or seen about demonic possession in movies or random books - but how much detail can you handle the reality of a possession? The ghastly phenomenon of being taken over completely - mind and body - by an unexplained entity has been around since archaic times. Did you know that exorcisms are still happening in large parts of the world? There are visible proofs that thousands of people get possessed every year. And even scientists and theorists agree that possession is no myth but a biting reality. So, how much should you know about a demonic possession?

1What is a demonic possession, really?

It is basically when your body is possessed or completely claimed by a foreign disturbing entity - kind of like a fever, but much, much more effective. Theorists believe that a body is possessed when a spirit or apparition enters it and claims dominance over mind and soul.

What is a demonic possession

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The normal bodily function are affected - a possessed person cannot speak, eat or communicate like a normal person. They often harm themselves and pose a threat to anybody near them. It is almost never widely discussed owing to the stigma around it.

2How do exorcisms help?

Exorcisms are mainly ritualistic ceremonies, designed to cast off the evil spirit from one’s possessed body. Most people do not know that they are sanctified by churches. There are various types of exorcisms. The kind of rituals you see in movies are only partially accurate.

How do exorcisms help

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3Possession of often voluntary


There are various kinds of demonic possessions. While, most people are haunted by evil spirits and then have their bodies invaded, some people invite the spirits into their body - for several purposes. Often these kind of voluntary possessions are part of satanic rituals, but they can be handled through exorcisms too.

Possession of often voluntary

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4The most haunting

The most brutal case of exorcism would be that of Annaliese Michel, which inspired the 2005 film Exorcism of Emily Rose. She was diagnosed with epileptic psychosis, but she would experience very strong hallucinations, and eventually had to be hospitalized. Her Catholic family relied on a priest for supervision, and she was exorcised. But the intense rituals eventually took her life.

Anneliese Michel

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5People often confuse possession with illness

Due to lack of knowledge, people often confuse signs of a demonic possession with diseases. In fact, films like the Exorcism of Emily Rose have dealt with the issue. Sometimes, even hysteria or depression is confused with possession.

People often confuse possession with illness

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