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11 Incidents of the most Spine Chilling things spoken by children

By Andrew Alpin, 18 March 2017


Sometimes Children can speak out their hearts and minds but what you hear may not always be pleasant. A child knows no diplomacy and calls a spade a spade. That is why what a child utters can be shockingly true. Here is a list of spine chilling things spoken by children.

1 Sixth Sense

This was reported by a woman going through a rough patch after the recent death of her mom. She was just 19 and missed her terribly. One night she was tucking in the girls for whom she babysat when one of them told her something that shocked her. The 4 year old said “(My name), there’s a face behind you face.”There's a lady standing behind you," she said, "and her head is on your shoulder."

"What does she look like?" I asked her. "She's looks like you but a lot older," she responded. It was then she realized how much she looked like her mom.

Sixth Sense

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2Deathly Thoughts

The family dog had just died and although none had explained the concept of death to the youngest member the little two years old, this is what she said. "All her thoughts left her body."

Deathly Thoughts

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3 Child’s Play?


A woman was playing with her 3-year-old niece on the bed when the child covered the woman’s head with a blanket.

When the woman moved her head into a position where she could see out of the blanket, the child screamed “You can't come out" and smothered the woman again. The woman laughed and asked “Why?” What the child said might have sent a shiver down her spine. She gritted her teeth in anger and said “Because I don't want you to”.

Child’s Play?

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4 Pop-Pop Said So

As a little boy this man was always promised a fishing trip by his grandfather whom he called Pop-Pop, unfortunately they never got around to it and the old man finally died. After 20 years, the man’s 3 year old daughter who had never heard of Pop-Pop came running out of her room exclaiming excitedly.

  • “Daddy, we have to go fishing! (We don't even live near a lake)
  • “Why do we have to go fishing”
  • “ Because Pop Pop says you have to take me!
  • Now that sent a shiver through the man. “What? Who told you?”
  • Pop -Pop says you need to take me to go fish.
  • Well even though he never believed in spirits, he damn well took her fishing.

Pop-Pop Said So

Image Source: www.aboutislam.net

5 The Baby Sister That Never Was


This woman’s son repeatedly insisted to his parents that he had a baby sister who wore a pink bow but she died. The fact was that he never really had a baby sister, but the woman did have a miscarriage prior to this episode.

The Baby Sister

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