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10 Creepy and mysterious photos from the past that have no explanation

By Andrew Alpin, 4 March 2017


Throughout history there have been strange and mysterious incidents that none could ever explain. Even writing them off as hoaxes were difficult as there was no concrete evidence to prove it didn’t happen. Be it alien intervention, time travelers or strange cases of interdimension. These 10 mysterious photos from the past will truly make you wonder if not scared.

1 The Case of the Falcon Lake UFO

Stefan Michalak claimed he saw a UFO landing in the woods of falcon Lake Manitoba Canada. He even witnessed the craft opening and there were voices from inside. As the UFO took off again, the blast hit him in the chest resulting in his shirt bursting into flames. When doctors examined his wounds, there observed a huge burn on his torso. It had a definite pattern and shaped like a grid. What do you make of that?

Stefan Michalak

Image Source: www.ufoevidence.org

2 The Hook Island Sea Monster

In 1964, Robert Sperrec a French photographer happened to spot a gigantic snake like creature which he photographed resting on the sea bed off the coast of Queensland in Australia. Some experts wrote it off as a giant tarp but till today there has been no logical explanation to the bizarre picture.

The Hook Island Sea Monster

Image Source: www.list25.com

3 Black Knight Satellite

In 1998 astronauts of the American space shuttle mission to the International Space Station took a weird photograph of a strange dark object orbiting the earth. Many believed it to be the black knight satellite alleged to be an extra terrestrial satellite in existence for 13000 years.

Black Knight Satellite

Image Source: www.imgur.com


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