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15 Ways and Signs The Universe Sends You Messages



11Unexpected Meetings

You are in a fix, maybe in your professional life or personal life and can’t get out of it by yourself and need help desperately. And out of nowhere, you meet up with a person who is just the one to solve all your immediate problems. Like a gift from God! Maybe you are wandering aimlessly in life and you come across a person who becomes your mentor and guides you towards your true calling in life!

This is universe’s way to tell you to change the wrong track of life and put yourself in the right direction to achieve your true desires. Hold on to the mentor sent to you by the universe and follow the guidelines for a better life.

Unexpected Meetings

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12Emotions That Are Out Of Place

When we feel our emotions are all confused and out of place it is universe way to tell you to slow down and strategies your life. If you think you are on the right path but have unexplained fears or nerves before taking the plunge, then you should follow your gut feeling and stay put.

Emotions That Are Out Of Place

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13Unusual/New Words


You come across a new phrase or a word pretty frequently, especially before you start a new endeavor. It’s the universe’s way of telling you to hold back and be cautious. If it’s a new word try to understand the meaning of it and try to link it with your present predicament and you’ll see the hidden message.

Unusual words as message

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The perception of smell can open a Pandora’s Box in our minds as it might remind us of a person or an event of the past. These are the links between the present you and the past which you must not forget. When you do come across an unusual scent which you have never experienced before, it might mean that something or some special person has a very important role to play in your future life or in your present predicament. It’s just that you have not spotted them as yet.


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15Gut Feelings

As we have mentioned earlier our subconscious mind is more in tune with the cosmos as compared to our more pragmatic conscious self. Our gut feeling is the reflection of our subconscious mind and one must never ignore that. We also call it intuition or sixth sense which is nothing but our subconscious mind relaying messages to our active minds.

Gut Feelings

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