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Here is how the half moon shape on the nails tells about the health of a person

By Jatin Sharma, 23 March 2017


Our hands and fingers tell us a lot about our health. It’s just that you need to learn the signs they present you with. All of you must have seen your fingernails. There is something like a half moon on the base of your fingernails where the nails come out of the fingers. Yes that white thing is very important in telling us about our health and it is known as lunula. Continue reading about lunula and how it helps us.

1 What is the lunula?

Have you ever examined or looked closely on your fingernails. They tell a person lot of things about the health of the person and sometimes even tell what disease they are suffering from. There is one part of the fingernails that is the best indicator of the health and it is known as the lunula. It is a crescent shaped white colored area at the base of each fingernail. It is actually the visible area of the fingernail root and normally appears in the 14th week of pregnancy in the baby. It is the primary reason for the shape that the nail takes in the end. It lies underneath the nail and is closest to the skin on the finger and only appears white in color. It is a very delicate part of the nail and if it gets damaged in any form, the whole nail will be deformed permanently. It also has great histological features and it can also tell about people’s health and what kind of disease is ailing them. Click next to find out how.

What is the lunula?

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