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Most Amazing Google Earth Discoveries Since The Time of Its Inception

By Bincy Joseph, 1 June 2018


The world is filled with strange things, and such things do not come in the limelight until it is discovered by the researchers. There have been many amazing discoveries in the past, and the world is still on the verge of making more such strange discoveries. All thanks to Google earth which has been a continuous source of help for making such interesting discoveries using technology.

Google earth was incepted in the year 2005 and has played a very important role in making the less known facts known to the people using the web technology. You can easily get a view of all the hidden parts of the world just with a single touch and explore every nooks and corner across the globe. Here are few fantastic and extraordinary discoveries of the world made using Google earth that will make you say thanks to this awesome web technology. 

1The island lake/ lake island maize

This picture is going to confuse you whether it is an island on a lake or a lake on an island? This was discovered by Google Earth and it is somewhat like a series of islands and lakes. Here you can see a small island in a lake which lies in the volcano island and again this big island is situated in a lake known as Taal lake which is again located on the Philippines island. Confused right? Keep working this maize out you will surely get it!

The island lake

Image Source: purch.com


2Badlands Guardian

This is one of the most amazing discoveries of Google Earth, the Badlands Guardians. This picture is a result of soil erosion which was naturally formed in the city of Alberta in Canada. The picture is so formed that you can easily make out the face of the guardian in the natural terrain.

Badlands Guardian

Image Source: boredomtherapy.com


3The natural bridge


We might be crossing bridges daily when you go out for work but can you cross this one? This is one of the natural bridges captured by Google Earth. This bridge is another Google earth discovery in China and is not just formed in a natural way but also displays its scenic beauty which was not known to the world before Google earth discovered it.

The natural bridge

Image Source: www.qallwdall.com


4The Bunny

We have grown up watching bunny cartoons, and some may have seen the real ones as well. These bunnies are adorable and cuddly. But can you spot a bunny in this natural terrain? You really got to have good imaginative eyes for this. See this bunny sculpture in the picture, this had clear visibility from space at a time but is continually vanishing. This bunny sculpture was discovered in Italy by Google earth.

The Bunny

Image Source: list25.com


5The dome building

Antarctica stands on the top list of discoveries and this Dome building in the Antarctica continent is another discovery by Google earth that is thought of as a symbol of the ancient civilization. The dome looks like a manmade dome and gives a clue that human life existed on this continent in the ancient times. This dome is oval in shape and covers an area of about 400 feet and some scientist also consider that this dome is formed through the natural phenomenon of winds and snowfall.

The dome building

Image Source: publika.md



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