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Most Amazing Google Earth Discoveries Since The Time of Its Inception

By Bincy Joseph, 1 June 2018


11The wheelie wheels

Artistry can never be hidden, just look at this series of wheels which was discovered using Google earth and is supposed to exist since 8500 years. These wheels were discovered near the Azraq oasis and showcase the artistry etched on our planet.

The wheelie wheels

Image Source: wwww.sott.net


12The preserved crater

Vincenzo De Michele, an Italian researcher, discovered the most preserved crater using the Google satellite imaging. We very well know that a crater is a resultant of meteorite impact and this crater is a preserved one which is sure to help the scientists to study the crater formation more deeply.

The preserved crater

Image Source: amorq.com


13The spiral message in dessert


This view captured by Google earth looks no less than an encrypted message by the aliens. This is located in the Egyptian desert known as Desert breath and shows a picturesque landscape amidst the barren deserts.

The spiral message in dessert

Image Source: purch.com


14The giant size swimming pool

This giant size swimming pool is also a discovery of Google earth which was found in Germany. Now this place is open for the public and famous for water activities such as paddling, water sports, beach parties, etc. this was a superb discovery which gave a party place for the people residing or visiting Berlin, Germany.

Giant size swimming pool

Image Source: list25.com





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