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Most Amazing Google Earth Discoveries Since The Time of Its Inception

By Bincy Joseph, 1 June 2018


6Bronze age shepherd hut

It is really good to see something that existed long back living in the twenty-first century and getting connected to history. This shepherd hut represented by red colour in the picture date backs to the bronze age and is considered to have existed for years. Google earth discovered this hut in Blaenau Gwent which is supposed to be 4500 years old.

Bronze age shepherd hut

Image Source: boredomtherapy.com


7The extra-terrestrial number 58

58 is a very common number, but it has extra-terrestrial importance because this number is seen to be embossed on the surface of Planet Mars and Moon. This number 58 etched on the surface of moon and Mars was discovered by Marcelo Irazusta, and James using the Google moon and Google mars technology. But this is still a riddle about the relation of number 58 with moon and Mars.

The extra-terrestrial number 58

Image Source: baomoi.com


8The human ancestors


We always have a myth about monkeys being the ancestors of humans, but there is something new found by the google earth in South Africa. The scientist discovered another type of fossil and skeleton which shows resemblance to the homo sapiens. The skeleton showed a relationship with humans and can be supposed as human ancestors who were the early predecessors of human beings.

The human ancestors

Image Source: www.chaostrophic.com


9The fish trap

An 853-foot-long fish trap was discovered in the British coast which is supposed to date back to the eleventh century. This long fish trap was earlier spotted underwater by a plane that flew over the British coast, and further was discovered by Archaeologist using the Google earth. This fish trap symbolises the hunting and fishing methods used by the ancient people for their need of food and shelter.

The fish trap

Image Source: seafoodnet.info


10Star of David

Google earth discovered a star of David which is considered to be a Jewish and Israelite symbol in Iran. This star as discovered on the rooftop of the largest airport of Iran and is supposed to have existed for thirty years but was not known to the world before the google earth discovery.

Star of David

Image Source: ntdin.tv



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