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The concept of ‘Afterlife’ and the recent breakthroughs in the same

By Arkadeep Deb, 5 April 2017


The concept of life before your present existence and that after it, is one which has made us brood for ages. Some are of firm belief that existence is energy in a form we do not understand yet so given the thermodynamic laws, the body, which is the vessel, only perishes; the sentience or the consciousness lives on. In what form and where, what is its purpose, is it more spiritually at one with the universe than our mortal form? Here are a few recent scientific statements that will push the envelope on your understanding of what lies across the Great Beyond.

1 The Science Behind The Myth

Afterlife is also loosely interpreted as the term used to describe the experience one has in that period of transition where their heart has stopped, their brain is in the last throes of sending electrical signals and all organ function is about to cease. Given the raging inconsistencies, influences drawn in from religious beliefs and all the hearsay, there is lack of faith in any one form of explanation. So, we turn to the one aspect which does not operate without proof: Science. The conjecture of afterlife is tackled by Dr. Sam Parnia, an assistant Professor of Medicine at the Stony Brook University School of Medicine. The good doctor has authored the book “Erasing Death”.

Afterlife myth

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2 DR. Parnia Explains

In the video, Dr. Parnia explains how a section of those who have come back from the verge of death confessed to having an out-of-body experience where they saw their own clinically dead husk being operated on by medical staff! The same experience has also been documented to be experienced by those who have ingested substances like LSD and DMT, where the chemical has said to have an effect on the pineal gland. Dr.Parnia has however gone the extra mile and spoken to sober individuals who comprise over 2000 medical cases documenting hints of an ‘afterlife experience’; these cases were verified with auditory tests, were sanctioned if the experience lasted over 5 minutes for the said person and all of them were medically recorded as brain-dead.

DR. Parnia Explains

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3 The Number Game in Our Stars

About 40%, which is a staggering number in itself, of these cases had the subject state that they had awareness of what was going around them even though declared to be clinically brain-dead. Another 10% of these case studies also cited ‘near-death experiences’ which is the label given under natural conditions to someone who experiences the highlight reel of their life flashing before their eyes, concluding with the lights coming on at the end of the reel, ergo, the light at the end of the tunnel if you will. 3% of this group reported full consciousness of surroundings and accurate descriptions of events where they were said to be also brain-dead.

clinically brain dead

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