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Incredible Scientific Data Now Reveals the Possibility Of Alien Life Existing On Pluto

By Andrew Alpin, 8 March 2017


The best possible news that humankind could receive is the existence of life on other planets. Now it may seem terrifying that aliens exist but we are yet to understand the negative and positive factors of such an event. However good or bad, the fact that a planet has the ability to support life is extraordinary and provides hope for an extension of earth. Given the fact that this amazing planet of our is being ravaged for its resources, scientists in the near distant future will definitely need to look to other worlds for the survival of the human race.

In the latest cosmic discovery, new data acquired by scientists has hinted at the possibility of alien life on Pluto. It also revealed how life may have already existed on Pluto the farthest planet in our solar system.

1 Data reveals complex pre life molecules on Pluto

According to planetary scientists Michael Summers, “The connection with astrobiology is immediate – it’s right there in front of your face. You see organic materials, water, and energy. These are the things you need for life: organics, raw material, and energy.”

The data has revealed the possible existence and production of complex molecules such as hydrocarbons and nitriles on Pluto. This could also be a part of an interesting pre chemistry process for life taking place on the planet required for life on the planet. The presence of such factors could lead to building complex prebiotic molecules as stated by summers. Now the big question which most reading will be wondering, where is all this coming from?

molecules on Pluto

Image Source: www.ancient-code.com


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