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These 10 Discoveries That Reshaped The Millenium Are Groundbreaking

By Arkadeep Deb, 15 April 2017


There have been those precise moments in the world of scientific discoveries that have broken all notions and re-drafted the way we look at our universe. Not only are these discoveries humbling but also a testament to the fact that even after a millennium, we are yet to unearth so much about the earth and beyond. Some of them are common knowledge enough to have been incorporated in the school curriculum. Some are complex enough to have only found an honorary mention in school textbooks and are privy to research scholars alone. Some have revolutionized how we look at the origin of man and his existence, some have simplified mathematics, some have explained the most common mysteries mother nature hides under our nose. Here are some of the most ground-shattering discoveries that reshaped our Millennium:

1 Game Theory


Theorized with the intention of having an impact on the field of Economics, John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern revolutionized inadvertently a plethora of other fields such as evolutionary biology and sporting sciences and analytics. The subject was further contributed to by Nobel Prize winner John Nash. John Nash’s life has been documented in his book “A Beautiful Mind” which was later turned into a movie. As much as fun as the name sounds, game theory is a crucial part of optimization in engineering and is implemented in simplifying complex algorithm using engineering mathematical functions. Make no mistake, it changed the game for several fields with its complex solutions.

Game Theory

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