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7 Secret Apple codes hidden in your iPhone you never knew about

By Andrew Alpin, 3 March 2017

Just as you thought you may know everything there is to your Apple iPhone, along comes an article like this which makes you think otherwise. You’ll be really surprised to know just how little you know about your iPhone and how much secret stuff Apple hides within the gadget. As an Apple user, there is much more to your apple iPhone than you thought like secret codes hidden in the gadget. There are several codes hidden in your Apple phone that reveal various bits of information and functions on the device and I’m sure you’ll just love knowing what they are. Well here are 7 secret codes hidden in your iPhone.

1Block Caller ID

Want to remain invisible to someone who you call and speak to? Did you think this was possible? Well yes it is on your iPhone. Just type this code, #31# and voila that’s your cloak of caller invisibility. Try it to see if it works.

Block Caller ID

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2Get A More Precise Reading Of Cellular Signal Strength

Now this is a bit long to memorize so it’s better to store it in your phone. Just dial *3001#12345#* to receive various options. Hold down the power button to ignore the options. The power screen then pops up; press the home screen button for it to appear. On the top left hand corner in place of bars, numbers will appear indicating the level of signal strength.40-80 indicates a strong signal but anything below means a poor signal.

eading Of Cellular Signal Strength

Image Source: www.techinsider.io

3Here’s How to See Your Phones IMEI Number

All cell phones have a unique IMEI number. The number can be located form phone settings but for a shortcut, just type #06# to view it onscreen.

How to See Your Phones IMEI Number

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4Call Barring To Block Calls

The call barring facility allows you to block both incoming and outgoing calls on your phone. Call barring is a paid facility but just in case you have it enabled on your phone plan, then hers a code to activate the facility immediately without having to search for it. Enter *33*PIN# to enable the facility and again #33*PIN# to disable it. These are among the coolest codes hidden in your iPhone to improve functionality.

Call Barring To Block Calls

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5Locate Your Texting Route And Message Center

Did you know that when you send an SMS, it isn’t sent directly to the person receiving your message? Instead it is routed through a message center using a different phone number. This secret number can be viewed onscreen by typing in *#5005*7672# and then press the ‘call’ button.

Locate Your Texting Route And Message Center

Image Source: www.wikai.info

6Call Waiting

Call waiting is another paid service which can be enabled or disabled faster with a few codes. Dial *#43# and again punch “call”. This will tell you the status of the call waiting. If you want to enable it on type *43# and ‘call’. To turn it off type #43# and “call”.

Call Waiting

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7Call Forwarding

Seems that the codes hidden in your iPhone aren’t really easy to remember but with constant use it’ll be etched in memory just like a frequently used number. Call forwarding uses a fairly simple code *#21#.

Call Forwarding

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