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Watch the video posted by Conspiracy Theorists who Spot an Alien Soldier Stalking the Curiosity Rover on Mars

By Andrew Alpin, 5 March 2017

Who doesn’t love reading about conspiracies. Stories of a mysterious universe, bizarre occurrences on earth such as trumpets in the sky and aliens. Everybody loves the alien angle because it fills us with a sense of awe at the possibility of living beings besides us existing in the universe. The question that we long to see proved once and for all is “are we alone??’ To this effect, there are several self-proclaimed alien experts and urologists who take their job seriously in reporting possible occurrences that provide hints and clues of alien life.

One such incident reported from a popular alien conspiracy website now reveals that they have spotted an alien soldier stalking mars rover. The alien completely dressed in what appears as battle fatigues looks right out of a movie script and can be seen creeping behind the mars rover.

1 Alien soldier spotted from NASA archives

Video footage posted on YouTube has shown the alleged alien wearing a space suit and carrying a weapon like what you have seen in “star wars” was it a laser? However the creature appears to be frozen still. The creature was regarded by conspiracy theorists as an alien soldier where the description reads Intriguing object which I spotted while going through the NASA archives.” This one definitely looks artificial in nature and in my opinion is an ancient statuette.

Whether the image is a photoshopped one or real, there is no evidence yet pointing to either. There were mixed reactions to the video posted on social media where some were not convinced and thought the image farfetched. The best explanation came from one party saying that in the distance it was actually a small rock on top of another larger rock. Did someone have the bright idea of touching up those two images?

Alien soldier spotted from NASA

Image Source: www.dailystar.co.uk

2 Watch the video and judge for yourself

One fails to understand how come if such things exist so freely available from NASA. Now not to appear skeptical, many of us would be thrilled as well as alarmed in knowing if aliens exists.

Whatever be the attitude, at least a revelation would give us the opportunity to perceive our wonderful universe from an entirely different perspective. Till such time NASA and the experts reveal more, we need to remain content at such incidents which make entertaining reading. Well without further ado, watch for yourself the incredible video where this ufologist has claimed to have spotted an alien solider stalking the Mars rover.

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