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11 Of The Worst Things Any Patient Can Do In A Gynecologist’s Appointment

By Andrew Alpin, 30 November 2017

Every woman loves to keep herself in tip top condition but just as your hair, face and complexion are always your main priority, so is your genital area. Genital health is of utmost importance to prevent skin and yeast infections. Frequent change of clean undergarments and personal hygiene should be regarded as important as looking at one’s face in the mirror everyday.

The easiest way to ensure that your genital area including your external genitals and breasts are in good health is to visit a gynecologist once or twice a year. Now no two women are alike as everydone is different down there. So there is no need to be shy of a gynaecologist who will have seen all there is to see in women. For a gynecologist, it’s all in a day’s job, but!! That doesn’t mean you need to take doctors for granted and visit one without having changed your underwear or a bath. Given the fact that a gynecologists is used to staring down a woman’s privates, it isn’t always a clean sight and then there are those who couldn’t care less of smelling to make even your gynecologist puke. So! Ladies, do have some consideration for a person who is always at hand to set you right. Don’t do these 11 things gynecologists don’t like their patients doing. 

1 Don’t cancel appointments just because you may be having your period

Remember your gynecologist has to see several women in a day and not necessarily in one facility. A cancelled appointment can make him or her off schedule and with an empty slot that may have them waiting for the next patient. They are gynecologists, and menstrual blood isn’t a surprise nor something uncommon for them. A gynecologist would prefer you keeping your appointment even if they have to look at you down under looking like a horror movie. 

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2 You have to be asked several times to move further down the table

Gynaecologists aren’t exactly there to paint your mona lisa you know, regardless of how much a work of art it may seem to your partner. Neither are they willing to admire the scenery, they need to get in there even if you wouldn’t like them to. Going in is what they do best and that’s necessary if they are going to make sure your healthy with no serious problems. The job of a gynecologist after all is to see if no nasty infection lurks there without you knowing it. 

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3 Taking your partner along

There are many women who may have apprehensions in being in a vulnerable position in front of a gynecologist. Women who may have suffered varying forms of abuse or childhood trauma. In such cases, it is not exactly a bad thing to take a partner along for reassurance and the feeling of security. But from a generalized perspective, no gynecologist would like having every patient entering with a partner or relative. It could make the gynecologists uncomfortable as he or she would in some cases have to ask questions related to personal hygiene, intimacy details (in case of any disease or infection of a veneral nature) and the like.

An appointment with your gynecologist is a purely medical meeting and has nothing to do with personal interaction. You are perfectly safe and moreover, a gynecologist will always be accompanied by a female nurse during an inspection.

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4 Google is not your Doctor

There are quite a few women who will always Google their problems before seeing a gynecologist. Typical questions are “Doctor Do I have cancer” or “but it says on Google………” Regardless of what problems you may be having, you should know that several bodily symptoms are common for a variety of diseases and just because you may see cancer as a possibility on Google, doesn’t mean you have it. If you Google skin problems, you will be certain you have skin cancer. Also!! Never refer to Google as a doctor to your gynecologist.

Tip: Although it’s ok to clean your vulva with mild soap, your interior does not need soaps or cleaning gels. Just water is god enough to clean because your interior genitals are self cleaning. It isn’t advisable to use perfumed soaps and shower gels down there. 

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5 You don’t tell your gynecologist about period problems or you forget to

PMS is a common enough occurrence in women to a certain extent but if it is going beyond your ability to manage it or if it is impacting your lifestyle, then you certainly need to discuss it with your gynecologist. Moreover if you are having irregular cycles, extremely heavy or hardly any period at all, such issues regardless of important or to, need to be told to your doc. speaking about such issues isn’t making you a fusspot, these are genuine problems affecting women. Don’t let your partner or any family member make you feel that you are making much ado about nothing.

Women’s bodies are complex. Hormonal problems and irregularities affect women in various ways which could be confusing. Only your gynecologists can sort out the problem provided you give him or her all relevant information. 

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6 When you want a female doctor but too hesitant to ask for one

Don’t even think your male gynecologist will take it amiss if you ask for a female doctor. Such issues are the prerogative of the patient and they will understand that perfectly. Just ask and you shall receive. 

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7 You don’t think of your personal hygiene when seeing a gynecologist

Seriously now!!Just because you read earlier that your interior genital area is self cleaning doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see that it is clean too. Make sure your pubic hair is clean and please always wear a clean set of underwear. Is it fair to let your doc suffer like that?? 

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8 You don’t check yourself for cervical cancer

There are several problems associated with your womb, uterus or basically your cervix that could put you at the risk of cervical cancer which is fairly common. Remember, the more pronounced cervical cancer symptoms only show up in the later stages but that doesn’t mean your body doesn’t warn you. The little problems that you neglect or bypass could well be warning signs that you shouldn’t be taking lightly.

A regular smear test can even save your life, so consult with your doctor and if you do experience even minor problems associated with cervical cancer, then go for a test immediately. Tip: 8 cervical cancer signs women should be aware of.

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9 Incomplete information about your symptoms

To get a clear picture of your condition and to make an accurate diagnosis, your gynecologist needs as much information as you can give him. So even if you observe a tiny little skin lesion and think of passing it off as a pimple, then that’s wrong. If you have noticed even a slight but unusual discharge, you need to let your doc know. He is the best judge of whether that information poses a problem or not. 

Regarding your health. Given the fact that you do have certain knowledge about health concerns, still, you should never attempt to take a decision yourself. Be concerned and take precautions but when it comes to treatment that is the territory of your gynecologist. Among things gynecologists don’t like is withholding information. 

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10 Stopping your pill

If you are on the pill or on any form of birth control, then it should never be stopped suddenly without consulting your gynecologist. Stopping birth control means you will have to abstain from physical intimacy or else risk getting pregnant. There are various other problems that could occur if you should suddenly think of stopping the pill in half cycle. It could confuse your uterus and bleeding could start even though it isn’t your period.

 stopping pill

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11 You question the doctor on the non disclosure agreement

Regardless of your gynecologist being known to people you may know or colleagues and friends, never question the confidentiality of the non disclosure agreement. That is an issue doctors take seriously because your information will always remain confidential and private. The law requires all medical professionals to keep patient records and information private so no doctor is going to risk his license. Now that you know what gynecologists don’t like, just be considerate enough the next time you visit one. 

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