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These 7 disgusting parasites were found living in human bodies

By Jatin Sharma, 3 March 2017

Animal Kingdom is a dangerous one which has predators like sharks, bears, snakes, tigers and more sharks for that matter. All these things are big, bad and nasty which can easily wipe you off the Earth. But what we ignore are the small minute things in the same ecosystem which can cause big damage.

These things are parasites and worms which are tiny enough to enter your body without you knowing and remaining there for very long periods of time. They can cause some severe damage and that too internally. Removing such parasites is very hard and often surgery or painful removal is the ways to eliminate them from our body.

Here are 7 such painful and squirming parasites found in human body.

1 Maggots in Scalp

Doctors removed maggots from the scalp of a man. The man was on a holiday found some bumps on his head and later it was found that it was not shingles of mosquito bites, but they were larvae which had turned into maggots.

It was found that botfly might have used mosquitoes to carry their eggs and they deposited it onto the man’s head and the eggs hatched and the larvae burrowed themselves into the scalp of the man and then turned into maggots.

Maggots in Scalp

Image Source: www.ilykecdn.com

2 Spider in the body

21-year-old Dylan Thomas found a trail of red blisters on his body running from his navel to his chest. He had just returned from a vacation. He thought that he was bitten by an insect.

To his utter surprise and horror, he found out that it was not an insect bite, but bites from a spider that had managed to enter inside his body. The red trail was the bite marks and the toxic substance secreted by the spider under the skin.

The doctor removed the spider and informed Dylan that it might have entered via an old operation scar.

Spider in the body

Image Source: www.vmir.su

3 Chinese man’s body full of tapeworms

This man from China loved his sashimi so much that it in fact became fatal for him. He was obsessed with the sushi food and ate it almost daily and it almost took his life.


He went to a doctor complaining of itchy skin and stomach ache; horrifically the scans revealed that his whole body was infected with tapeworms. Sushi is a kind of fish preparation that is eaten raw, and might be filled with tapeworm larvae.

chinese mans body full of tapeworms


Image Source: www.europapress.net

4 Botflies in couples

Couple Bryan Williams and Ally Vaag had been on a romantic vacation from Bolivia. They immediately noticed some painful sores in their bodies. They thought that they were mosquito bites.

They went to get medical care and found out that they were in fact botfly larvae growing under their skin. Doctors had to use surgical equipment to remove them from the body.

 Botflies in couples

Image Source: www.newposts.ge

5 Parasite digs a crater in this man’s foot

Matthew O’Donnell was working in Tanzania before coming back to home. One day while sitting on his couch, he found something moving in his foot.

One close examination, it was found that he didn’t return alone from Tanzania. A parasitic bug called Chigoe Flea had hitched a ride from Africa to UK on his foot, and had laid dozens of eggs inside his foot. The larvae developed into bugs and exploded out of his foot in his bedroom.

The doctor eventually gave him all clear after medical examination.

 parasite digs mans foot


Image Source: www.guff.com

6 5 Inch parasitic worm removed from an eye

A man from India was found something very irritating in his eye. He thought that he had an eye infection and had turned his eye red and caused severe itching.

He sought help from an eye doctor, who gave him the shock of his life. What he thought was infection turned out to be a 5 inch worm inside his cornea. Doctors had to perform emergency surgery in order to remove the worm, which actually lived for 30 more minutes after being removed from his eye.

7 Chinese man finds his body home to flesh eating parasites

This is possibly the most disgusting case of parasites in human body. A Chinese man returned to his home after a 6 month trip to Africa. He noticed small red colored sores on the right side of his body including his leg.

The sores were extremely painful and severely itchy and he also suffered high fever. After consulting a doctor, he found out that the sores were caused by flesh eating bacteria, that were present in a bunch under his skin.

flesh eating parasites

Image Source: www.clipmass.com