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Watch a thrilling video of a snake trying to eat a big catfish

By Jatin Sharma, 3 March 2017

In the wild, you can see many predators in the process of stalking their pray and then catching them in an epic struggle and then consuming them. Such things happen on both land and water. There are predators in the water than feast on fishes and other marine animals.

Here is one such video which shows an epic battle between a snake and a fish, captured by a fisherman. See for yourself and do leave your thoughts in the comment section below after you watch the video which is going viral.

1The snake vs. the biggest fish in the Colorado River

Some fishermen who were fishing in the Colorado River happened to see something amazing in the water that they (thankfully) filmed and now the same video is going viral. The video features a blotched water snake trying its best to eat a catfish that is clearly bigger than the snake.

The Colorado River is one of the biggest rivers in South Western US and the 1,450 mile long river runs across seven US and two Mexican states. These fishermen were having a leisure day at the river, fishing and having some good time, when suddenly they witnessed a blotched water snake catch a catfish that was bigger than what the serpent could possibly swallow. The fishermen decided to film the entire thing. You can see the video of the epic fight on the next page.

 The snake vs. the biggest fish in the Colorado River

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

2The video footage of the fight

The footage clearly shows how the snake sneaked upon a catfish and held it in its jaws in the middle. The cameraman even remarks that there is a snake catching a fish and even he didn’t think that the snake could eat that fish. The snake then tried to pull the fish out of the water in order to suffocate it and eat it. But the fish also tried its best and used its size to pull the snake under water in order to kill it. The video shows the snake and fish both battling each other bravely. But the catfish was appearing to be tiring out and the video cuts before we can find out who won in the end. 

But the video has still gone viral on the internet and has had 2.6 million views so far on YouTube.

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