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10 Plants to Purify and Create the Perfect Microclimate within Your Home

By Andrew Alpin, 28 July 2017


Household plants have incredible properties from removing toxins in the atmosphere and inducing positive energy to working against uncomfortable conditions of excess dryness or humidity. Here are 10 indoor plants to improve the microclimate of your home by removing excess moisture or introducing moisture into the atmosphere.



Also known as “woman’s Happiness”, it can absorb excess moisture, stabilize the climate and even destroy mold spores. The plant remains healthy at a temperature of 18 degrees C. Woman’s Happiness is believed to bring happiness and love to a home.


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The most common type of this species is the Arabic or Congolese coffee shrub that provides types of rabica and Robusta coffee. The plant bears fruit only in the sixth year so you should buy a full grown mature plant. Keep them in shade and water regularly. The plant absorbs excess moisture from the air and fills the home with a pleasant tropical aroma.


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As a symbol of pleasure and peace, the Myrtus can introduce a healthy microclimate within your home. It is also good for health as the phytoncides given off the leaves and flowers kill microbes in the air.


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4Laurus nobilis


The Laurus Nobilis has always been associated with glory and victory. It is a subtropical plant that prefers moist air and shade as well as warm water. It normalizes the microclimate by absorbing moisture. The leaves can also be dried and used in cooking.

Laurus nobilis

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