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Watch The Video How Scientists Create An Edible Water Bottle!! Just Pop It Into Your Mouth And Drink

By Andrew Alpin, 13 April 2017

With the entire world consuming bottled water on the move or even at home, can you imagine the amount of waste generated from plastic bottles? America alone uses 50 billion plastic water bottles every year and just 23% of that is recycled. But!! What if there was a way to hold water without plastic bottles?? Sounds impossible?? Read on.

1Ohoo the edible water bottle

Meet Ohoo, one of the most remarkable inventions of the 21st century contributing in a gigantic way for environmental preservation. It is the water bottle of the future where it isn’t really a water bottle but a water bubble. Ohoo is basically an edible water bottle.

Ohoo the edible water bottle

Image Source: www.businessinsider.com

2Just pop an Ohoo water bottle in your mouth if you want a drink of water

The amazing invention is a biodegradable water bubble bottle that holds water within a seaweed and calcium chloride membrane which is extremely safe for human consumption. Just pop it in your mouth if you want a drink of water.

Ohoo water bottle

Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk

3With Ohoo, water bottles may soon be obsolete

Ooho is the brainchild of student Rodrigo Garcia Goinzalez who made headlines two years ago when he invented “Hop” a suitcase that follows its owner around. Along with Pierre Pasalier, and Guillaume Couche, together the team are the chief designers at Skipping Rocks Lab a startup in London. The first prototype of Ooho was developed way back in 2014 and is now ready to be produced on a larger scale for commercial production.

Ohoo, water bottles

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4Created from seaweed and calcium chloride, Ohoo bottles are edible

Ohoo is so simple, it is in essence a water balloon. When you’re ready to have a drink of water, just pop it in your mouth and pierce the membrane with your teeth. The Ooho bottles were created with spheres of ice treated with liquid forms of seaweed and calcium chloride membranes.

Ohoo bottles are edible

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5Soon, you will be drinking water bottles rather than from one

Ohoo is extremely cheap and is all set to address the growing problem of plastic water bottle of which billions are created around the world to meet the demands of package water. The membranes can even be flavored and colored says designers from skipping rock. Ooho has been touted as a fantastic invention and eve won the Lexus design award in 2014. What’s amazing about Ohoo, the edible water bottle is that the recipe will ultimately be available online. That means you can even make one at home. Bye Bye and good riddance water bottles!