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These 10 terrifying images of the Ocean are sure to give you nightmares

By Andrew Alpin, 31 October 2017

You have to admit even the thought of being trapped deep down in the mysterious depths of the ocean is a terrifying. The idea of being trapped down there in the darkness with weird creatures surrounding you is enough to cause a nightmare. But then again every now and then comes along an article like this one that can help you take a virtual ocean trip through some mesmerizing photographs of the Ocean.

So take a good look and then examine how you feel after watching these 10 terrifying images of the ocean.

1 Worse than the scene from jaws

Given the fact that the creature from jaws was a result of special effects, this monster certainly isn’t. Consider being confronted in the ocean if you think of taking a diving vacation. Looks frightening doesn’t he? Well this is a real shark known as a frilled shark. The most terrifying aspect of this meanie is that he has 300 menacing teeth, in rows and rows of them.

frilled shark.

Image Source: www.imgix.net

2 Deep Sea Cavern

Diving into a deep sea cavern from what appears to be a sinkhole on the surface of the ocean can be a thrilling adventure for some but for others it could well be a claustrophobic nightmare. However you have to admit there is a sense of beauty in the terrifying aspect of the oceans might.

Deep Sea Cavern

Image Source: www.500px.org

3 Face To Face With an Orca

Would you even dare come close to this magnificent creature? He may look very pretty but you certainly won’t know whether he may swim past you or tear you to bits. Orcas are unpredictable creatures. That’s why they’re called killer whales.

Face To Face With an Orca

Image Source: www.amazonaws.com

4 Scary Seaweed

If you were busy enjoying yourself swimming close to the shore but was confronted with a spectacle such as this, what would you do? Wouldn’t you be frightened out of your wits thinking its some alien attack appearing out of the waves? Well it’s actually a huge collection of seaweed being thrown up by the waves.

Scary Seaweed

Image Source: www.amazonaws.com

5 The Goblin Shark

Among all terrifying images o f the ocean, this is the kind of scene that nightmares are made of. Imagine watching this hideous creature in front of you. It’s a goblin shark that is extremely rare and only lives in the depths of the ocean. It’s also known as a living fossil as its lineage is over 125 million years old.

The Goblin Shark

Image Source: www.imgur.com

6 Dare to come eye to eye with a Giant Pacific Octopus?

Fancy coming across an octopus this large in the ocean, Most people obviously haven’t and will never will unless you think of going deep sea diving or have the unpleasant experience of an octopus deciding to come up to the surface for some sightseeing and humans. But!! If this octopus looks intimidating, imagine what the largest one would feel like. The Giant Pacific Octopus can grow up to 16 feet in length and will weigh almost 110 pounds. The largest observed on record was 30 feet and weighed more than 600 pounds.

In fact, an urban legend has it that a 600 pounder also lives under the Narrows Bridge in the ecosystem at Galloping Gertie’s ruins at the bottom of Puget Sound.
Dare to come eye to eye with a Giant Pacific Octopus?

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

7 Dancing Garden Eels

They may look like they are dancing but don’t be fooled, these bunch of electric eels can kill with their lethal attacks. These are garden eels that are habituated to living in colonies on the ocean floor in the western Pacific Ocean. Although shy creatures who vanish, they are also venomous.

Dancing Garden Eels

Image Source: www.pikabu.ru

8 Is This A Dream Or A Nightmare?

This image can well be construed as some hypnogogic nightmare where you just can’t help being pulled down into the watery depths of the ocean. Alternately it could also mean ascending into the light. Both ways you’re dead.

 Dream Or A Nightmare?

Image Source: www.makataka.ru

9 The Monster of the Deep

Could you imagine what that diver might have been feeling at that moment? He definitely may have gone into shock and was rendered motionless. Even you might so too when meeting a monster like that in front of whom you appear so tiny and insignificant. Sperm whales are massive creatures that can grow upto 50 feet in length and weigh 50 tons. That’s almost like an airplane crashing into you.

The Monster of the Deep

Image Source: www.emgn.com

10 Your Last Breath

If you were on a fishing trip enjoying a nice quiet afternoon of fishing in the ocean and suddenly a whole group of these monsters jumped out of the water, would you pee in your pants or simply die of fright? That’s exactly the feeling of watching terrifying images of the ocean.


Image Source: www.spokedark.tv