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The Samsung S8 Display Is its Achilles Heel and That’s The Reason You Shouldn’t Buy It

By Arkadeep Deb, 26 April 2017


The flagship phone from giants Samsung, that is touted for a release on the 21st of April in India, boasts of a new display technology as always. However, the first batch of consumers from Korea are already reporting glaring issues with the very same display which might not make it fully worth your buy.

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Samsung smartphones have been the flagbearer for durable smartphones with a lot of integrity to its hardware that is worth the hike in price, compared to its contemporaries. It is not astronomically priced either and does offer post-purchase support, scope for upgrades among other perks. The customer support is none too shabby. Samsung’s display capabilities revolutionize the smartphone market every year with features that are a cut above the rest. However, the Samsung S8’s display might be its Achilles’ heel. Let us look at it in detail.

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2 How to paint the screen red?


The Samsung S8 employs the AMOLED display technology which it has in the application for the last few generations of devices launched under their banner. The Samsung S8 comes with an automatic brightness adjustment option; once turned on it can allow you brightness of up to 1020 units. This comes as no surprise given Samsung’s reputation for providing some of the best display solutions and brightness magnitudes of the highest quality. DisplayMate ran benchmark tests to discover that the Samsung S8 has the capability to provide the largest color gamut, at 113% of the DCI-P3, and 142% of the sRGB/REC. 709 standards that most of the currently published 1080p uses. However, this is where the problem lies. With the calibration of that very same color gamut. Not all Samsung S8’s tested wherever it has been launched so far have exhibited the same screen reflectance percentage.

How to paint the screen red in Samsung S8

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