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The Samsung S8 Display Is its Achilles Heel and That’s The Reason You Shouldn’t Buy It

By Arkadeep Deb, 26 April 2017


3 The matter of the fact

The Samsung S8 boasts of four different color gamuts. In layman’s terms, color gamuts are what maintain the color balance and retain the original color be it a still photograph, or a video or a game that is on the display. To this effect, the Samsung S8 offers Basic (sRGB), Photo (Adobe RGB), Cinema (DCI-P3, often used for 4K), and Adaptive (default, wide gamut). The Adaptive screen is aided in its task by a red OLED. To put it in simple terms, an LED is surpassed in its effectivity by an OLED because the electroluminescent coating on the light emission screen is an organic compound which offers better services than a regular LED. The Adaptive mode offers a deep, warm color and brightness level that did not exist in the predecessors. The warm tone assists the adaptive color gamut in transitioning colors. However, the first line of buyers have immediately taken to the media to complain about the permanent warm white balance that has taken hold of their screen. The symptom has not been detected in all Samsung S8 devices that have gone off the shelf though.

The Samsung S8 boasts of four different color gamuts

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4 Neil Shah claimed

Counterpoint Research analyst Neil Shah claimed that the problem could be stemming from a calibration issue across isolated Samsung S8’s that could be responsible for the natural whites which are retaining their consistency on other devices, turning a shade warmer on the Samsung S8. Samsung initially claimed that this is not a problem but a byproduct of the different screen mode’s available in the device, and can be altered from the settings. However, the consumers have since refuted the same since by stating that the issue is with the device’s display calibration and thus exists in all the color modes. The Infinity Display system which is the name for the collective visual mana that the Samsung S8 packs, has been much marketed ahead of the global launch of the device. This means, the pre-orders placed for the device, prior to the initial South Korean consumers raising the alarm, run a high risk of a potential calibration problem. Given the price range of the device which is already under scrutiny for the calibration issues, Samsung consumers are seeing red, no pun intended. With Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 seeing a global callback after reports of charging issues leading to exploding devices were found from the consumer base all over the planet, the early hardware challenge reports do not bode well for Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S8

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