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Research Says Picking Your Nose Is Good for You but You Have To Eat Your Boogers

By Andrew Alpin, 1 April 2018

While on one hand picking your nose and making boogers may sound gross, how would eating it sound? Would it sound disgusting? Well, it might as many of us are prone to picking our noses and flinging the boogers but science has something new to tell you concerning those little boogers that you dig up from your inflated nostrils.

1Research says boogers can be good for you

According to biochemist and Professor Scott Napper, picking your nose is good for health but you have to eat your boogers too. Only then will it benefit you.

boogers can be good for you

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2A common habit

Picking a nose is a common habit with many. A survey found that 96% of teens digging for silver and gold on a regular basis while adults admitted the same to the tune of 90%. Children especially are prone to doing it. 

kid picking nose

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3The scientific name for eat

The act of extracting your mucus or boogers from your nose even has a name. It is called rhinotillexis and eating it is called mucophagy. 


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4What your boogers consist of

Nose mucus consists of a cocktail of enzymes that are also regarded antiseptic in nature. They have the power to kill or weaken harmful bacteria which then reintroduce crippled microorganisms into the nose which can help the body again produce antibodies to strengthen the immune system. 

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5What a survey showed

The survey also showed that your average everyday person will clean out their attic at least four to five times a day/. Even if they don’t admit to it, they do. Incidentally the survey found that 10% people don’t have this habit but who knows as its very hard not to.

 picking their nose

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6Don’t eat your boogers in public

While no one wants you to manufacture boogers while in public such as eating at a restaurant, or among family and friends, in private research says it is beneficial for health but how!! 

brad pit picking nose

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7Your nose nuggets are good for you

Biochemist Scott Napper says that the habit of eating boogers may have been the result of human evolution because of its health benefits. The little nuggets that you dig and roll with your finger might be good for you. 

Biochemist Scott Napper

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8Good for immunity

The idea of eating boogers being good for the body is that fact they are supposed to improve the immune system.

The nose is a part of your immune system because it acts as a filter where loads of bacteria get deposited. Doctor Friedrich Bischenger a lung specialist says that if this mixture collected from the nose ends up in the intestines, it can be good for the body and will work just like medication. 

boogers good for health

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9Napper’s research

Napper says that he has two beautiful daughters who love to pick their noses and he allows them. He also notices that immediately after picking, it goes into their mouths. He says “could they be actually fulfilling what they were meant to do”.

Napper’s research

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10How he tested the theory

Napper made his students participate in an experiment that required them to add harmless molecules to their noses. Then he asked half the class to dig for boogers and feast on them. Then he ran tests to gauge the body’s immune response to the molecules. Since the experiment is a very recent one, the conclusions of the test have not been published as yet. 

scott napper nose picking theory

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11How mucus protects our teeth from bacteria

Research studies found that a certain amount of bacteria present in the salivary mucins or mucus can even prevent or combat tooth cavities.

Dental caries is caused by Streptococcus mutans a carcinogenic bacteria which attack the tooth and produces organic acids that then start dissolving tooth enamel. Salivary mucins prevent the colonization of such bacteria in the mouth. 

eating boogers

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12Consuming your snot

If you are feeling grossed out by now, then check out what boogers can really do for you. Research says that consuming your own snot actually builds up protection against respiratory infections and even stomach ulcers. Well!! One wonders how many would prefer the ulcers than resort to that. 

Consuming your snot

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13Not accepted by all

Regarding digging your nose and eating your boogers, it isn’t entirely accepted by everybody in the medical fraternity. Some experts feel that we are already swallowing mucus and there is no viable reason to start eating your nosey gold too. 

eating your boogers

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14Wash your hands soon after

Napper feels that even if you do eat your boogers, then you should wash your hands soon after so that they remain clean. Napper though, is an advocate for snacking n boogers. He says “From an evolutionary perspective, we evolved under very dirty conditions," he says, "and maybe this desire to keep our environment and our behaviors sterile isn't actually working to our advantage."

If you want to eat your boogers, its upto you but skeptics feel that when you put your hands in your mouth you put germs into your mouth or nose. 

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