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15 Unfortunate People Who Died While Taking Selfies

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 12 April 2018

This wasn’t a thing a few years ago but it is now. Mobile phones and taking selfies were not part of the list that kills few people a year. Smoking and drinking are part of that list, but taking selfies? This new generation is kind of weird.

Even if we take deaths from taking selfies out of the picture, you still have a generation that taught eating tide pods is cool…and that’s not cool.

And this isn’t a new thing. We have kids from every generation that ate some sort of detergent at some point. But the difference is, it wasn’t for a challenge or to gain popularity. No company had to make a public statement or produce a video to inform kids that eating tide pods can actually kill you.

But Tide had to make a video for YouTube to clear things up: Nevertheless, we’re going to focus on unfortunate deaths by selfies today, and we’ll ignore the tide pods incident. Watch the video at the end of the article.


This is probably the most dangerous combination that you can imagine; taking a selfie while riding a motorbike. It’s like motorbikes are not dangerous enough so you wanted to spice things up with taking a selfie. Jadiel is a musician from Puerto Rico and he lost his life when a car crashed into him while he was taking a selfie.


Image Source: microfilenetwork.com

2Xenia Ignatyeva

Just look at that view! It is breathtaking indeed, but at what cost. Xenia managed to get the perfect selfie, but she couldn’t get away with it. She slipped at the last moment and ended up falling 28 feet. But that’s not how she lost her life. She grabbed a live wire on her way down and was dead before she even hit the ground.

Xenia Ignatyeva

Image Source: microfilenetwork.com

3Colette Moreno

There’s a reason why it’s against the law to use your phone while you’re driving. You shouldn’t text, you shouldn’t check Facebook and you definitely shouldn’t take selfies while driving. This girl was on the way to her own bachelorette party when the accident happened. Colette taught it was a good idea to take a selfie with her best friend and maid of honor…but it wasn’t.

Colette Moreno

Image Source: microfilenetwork.com

4Three Anonymous Women

Taking a selfie while driving is a bad idea, but this is a whole different story. Three female college students lost their lives while posing for a selfie standing on train tracks. No one really knows what made them stand in front of a moving train just to take a selfie, and the image above is simply a recreation.

Three Anonymous Women

Image Source: www.culturehook.com

5Courtney Sanford

This is yet another lost life because of a bad driving habit. Courtney crushed into back of a truck while taking a selfie.

Courtney Sanford

Image Source: fabiosa.com

6Oscar Aguilar

So what did we learn so far? Don’t use your phone while driving, don’t stand in front of a train just to take a selfie and don’t try to climb super high buildings for a selfie as well. And now it’s time to add “don't take selfies with guns” on the list. We don’t really know how and why, but Oscar lost his life because he tried to take a selfie with his gun.

Oscar Aguilar

Image Source: bahianoar.com

7Anonymous Couple

The image above is the definition of couple’s goal. They’re young, they’re beautiful and they love each other. But why did they took that dangerous selfie? The couple above didn’t survive the photo. They both slipped and lost their lives.

Anonymous Couple

Image Source: www.badchix.com

8Anonymous Polish Couple

This is pretty much the same story, but different location. Young people need to understand that no matter how much you love each other if you slip off a cliff you will lose your life. Just take normal and secure pictures. Don’t risk your life for a headline and bunch of likes on social media.

Polish Couple

Image Source: microfilenetwork.com

9Karen Hernandez

I think that it’s clear now that taking selfies on dangerous locations is not a good idea. So next time before you take a selfie, make sure you’re not in danger of falling off a cliff or into a river.

Karen Hernandez

Image Source: www.funbuzztime.com

10Anonymous Man

This 21-year-old guy couldn’t even survive his crazy idea to take the selfie. He wanted to take a selfie from a top of a moving electric train. What can go wrong…except the fact that he got electrocuted while attempting the stunt and lost his life.

Anonymous Man

Image Source: www.viralated.com

11Anonymous Man

So this guy didn’t die but he could’ve had. What do you do when you see a tornado? You run and hide, but not this guy. He thought it was a good idea to take a selfie, and he, fortunately, survived the attempt.

tornado selfie

Image Source: Urbanlegends.hu

12Slywia Rajchel

The Puente de Triana bridge in Seville is far from being a dangerous location. But if you try to take a selfie while balancing on the edge of it, you could lose your life. That’s exactly what happened here. Rajchel fell from the bridge and crashed onto the concrete bridge supports.

Slywia Rajchel

Image Source: fokuzz.com


This kid was just 15-years-old when he died while taking a selfie in front of a moving train. The incident happened in Thrissur, India.

selfie in front of a moving train

Image Source: microfilenetwork.com

14Two Anonymous Men

And this is probably the craziest selfie attempt ever! These two guys pulled the pin off a literal grenade just to look cool on social media. This happened in the Ural Mountains in Russia, and the government had to release 'safe selfie' guidelines afterwards.

craziest selfie attempt ever

Image Source: www.tech-worldnews.com

15David Gonzalez Lopez

If you ever end up in a situation where you have to run away from an angry bull, you need to know that you have to stay 100% focused on the “running away” part. There’s no time for taking selfies or any other activities. But Lopez didn’t understand the damage that an angry bull can cause to a human being. He decided to take a selfie and he was killed by the angry bull.

David Gonzalez Lopez

Image Source: www.sooperboy.com