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15 Unfortunate People Who Died While Taking Selfies

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 12 April 2018


6Oscar Aguilar

So what did we learn so far? Don’t use your phone while driving, don’t stand in front of a train just to take a selfie and don’t try to climb super high buildings for a selfie as well. And now it’s time to add “don't take selfies with guns” on the list. We don’t really know how and why, but Oscar lost his life because he tried to take a selfie with his gun.

Oscar Aguilar

Image Source: bahianoar.com

7Anonymous Couple

The image above is the definition of couple’s goal. They’re young, they’re beautiful and they love each other. But why did they took that dangerous selfie? The couple above didn’t survive the photo. They both slipped and lost their lives.

Anonymous Couple

Image Source: www.badchix.com

8Anonymous Polish Couple


This is pretty much the same story, but different location. Young people need to understand that no matter how much you love each other if you slip off a cliff you will lose your life. Just take normal and secure pictures. Don’t risk your life for a headline and bunch of likes on social media.

Polish Couple

Image Source: microfilenetwork.com

9Karen Hernandez

I think that it’s clear now that taking selfies on dangerous locations is not a good idea. So next time before you take a selfie, make sure you’re not in danger of falling off a cliff or into a river.

Karen Hernandez

Image Source: www.funbuzztime.com

10Anonymous Man

This 21-year-old guy couldn’t even survive his crazy idea to take the selfie. He wanted to take a selfie from a top of a moving electric train. What can go wrong…except the fact that he got electrocuted while attempting the stunt and lost his life.

Anonymous Man

Image Source: www.viralated.com


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