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Lions Eat Poacher Leaving Only His Head At South Africa Park

By Ashish Ranjan, 21 February 2018

Poaching is a common practice all over the world. Poachers head to forests in the quest of poaching animals. They do it for many reasons. Many people do it for fun while there are many others who do it because it is their profession. There is a forest region in South Africa which is primarily known for Rhino poaching. But, a recently a man was found dead in an area which was considered as lion territory.

1Lions were successful in eating the poacher

Animal poachers are people who are adept at illegally poisoning the animals and then catching them. They take important body parts of the animals after poisoning them. But, as it turned out, the opposite happened as the animal was successful was eating the poacher. The incident took place at the private game park in South Africa.

Lions in south africa park

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2 The man was in search of the lions

The man was in search of the lions when the pride of lions actually attacked the poacher suddenly. He was then mauled to death by the pride of lions. The incident happened in the province of Limpopo during the weekend of Feb 10, 2018.

The man was in search of the lions

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3 The group of lions killed the poacher at the Kruger National Park

The group of lions actually attacked and killed the poacher at the Kruger National Park at the Hoedspruit private game park. The lions ate most of the body parts of the poacher and only left the head of him.

Kruger National Park

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4 Local authorities found that the eaten man was a poacher

As per Moatshe Ngoepe who is a local police spokesman, the authorities were initially of the view that dead man must be a local park employee who was also a tractor driver. The park employee went missing few days back. But, then, that park employee was found alive later on. Then, it was ascertained that the man was a poacher.

an was a poacher.

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5 The man has yet not been identified by the authorities

The man who has been killed by a group of lions is yet to be identified. The investigation is currently on to find out the identity of the eaten man. The authorities recovered a loaded hunting rifle near the body of the eaten man. It prompted authorities to make out that the man who was eaten was a poacher.

man eater lion

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6 Poaching has been on the rise in the Hoedspruit private game park

The authorities also said that poaching in the Hoedspruit private game park area has been on the rise recently. Earlier in January last year, the body of three lions were found without their heads. Later, it was also found that they were also poisoned. The paws of the lions were also removed from their bodies.

Hoedspruit private game park

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7 Poachers put animals like rhinos and lions on big risk

The meaning of poaching is hunting of animals without the permission from the owners or controllers of the land where those animal belonged. The poaching is also considered as a big threat to the animals. It poses big risk of obliterating the big population of animals such as rhinos and lions. The main focus of the poachers have been mostly rhinos and lions.


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8 There are guidelines for poaching

Governments have full control over poaching. People who wish to go on hunting must follow the rules and guidelines about what and where they can hunt. There are also guidelines mentioning types of weapons which will be used in hunting of animals.

guidelines for poaching

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9 It is a challenge to identify the man

The area where the poacher was found dead is mostly known for rhino poaching historically. But, the territory in which the eaten man was found belonged to lions. As most of the body parts of the man have been eaten, it is a great challenge for the authorities to be able to identify the man. They also believe that having head will be helpful in finding out the person’s identity.

rhino poaching

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10Ngoepe said, “The process of identifying the deceased has already commenced”

“The process of identifying the deceased has already commenced, and it might be made possible by the fact that his head is amongst the remains that were found at the scene,” Ngoepe said.

lion cub

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11 Body parts of lions are used in certain medicines

One of the main reasons why the bodies of lion are mostly required by poachers is that their body parts are used in certain medicines which is prevalent in parts of Africa and Southeast Asia. The poachers get a good value on the body parts of the lions. Body parts of lions are sold at a very high prices.

male lions

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12 Poachers are fined with hefty amounts

The poachers, who are caught by authorities for their quest of animals, are generally fined with hefty amounts. Hence, the poachers always approach their works as an economic risk-to-reward balance. The authorities know that there is not much which can be done when an animal was captured. As a result, the risk-to-reward stakes are very high than the economic aspects.

quest of animals

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