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Lions Eat Poacher Leaving Only His Head At South Africa Park

By Ashish Ranjan, 21 February 2018


5 The man has yet not been identified by the authorities

The man who has been killed by a group of lions is yet to be identified. The investigation is currently on to find out the identity of the eaten man. The authorities recovered a loaded hunting rifle near the body of the eaten man. It prompted authorities to make out that the man who was eaten was a poacher.

man eater lion

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6 Poaching has been on the rise in the Hoedspruit private game park

The authorities also said that poaching in the Hoedspruit private game park area has been on the rise recently. Earlier in January last year, the body of three lions were found without their heads. Later, it was also found that they were also poisoned. The paws of the lions were also removed from their bodies.

Hoedspruit private game park

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7 Poachers put animals like rhinos and lions on big risk


The meaning of poaching is hunting of animals without the permission from the owners or controllers of the land where those animal belonged. The poaching is also considered as a big threat to the animals. It poses big risk of obliterating the big population of animals such as rhinos and lions. The main focus of the poachers have been mostly rhinos and lions.


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8 There are guidelines for poaching

Governments have full control over poaching. People who wish to go on hunting must follow the rules and guidelines about what and where they can hunt. There are also guidelines mentioning types of weapons which will be used in hunting of animals.

guidelines for poaching

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