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15 Japanese Trends That Are Too Weird To Be Real

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 23 June 2018


There is no denying the fact that Japan has a number of positive aspects attached with it. The land of the Rising Sun is beautiful and eye-catching with its ancient culture, breathtaking attractions, nice people and lots more. However, it may appear to be weird at times, thanks to the bizarre trends which are too strange that people might find it difficult to believe them to be real initially.

From temporary bagel on forehead to the use of different face-training devices, from Shironuri to their craze towards face filter apps for making eyes look enlarged, there are many unusual trends in Japan. Take a look at 15 of them!


We have seen that parents have to try very hard to stop their babies from crying but as per a Japanese tradition, the kids are encouraged to cry for one day. Nakizumo Festival which is being celebrated in Tokyo for the last 400 years is said to bring kids good health. In this festival, the sumo wrestlers hold the babies, shake them gently and make funny faces so that kids start crying. This is done to save the kids from evil spirits.


Image Source: funny24.ru

2Crooked teeth

The whole world is running after a beautiful smile but a trend in Japan is gaining popularity in which people are paying money to get their teeth crooked. The trend is called ‘Yaeba’ and it is more popular among the Japanese women who are undergoing the process of getting their teeth crooked to attract men.

Even the Australians loved it and it got popular in Australia in the past few years. However, an official of Australian Dental Association warned people that following this trend can cause problems for lips and speech.

Crooked teeth

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3Bagel on forehead


This trend is actually originated in Canada and not in Japan; however, it’s getting much popular there. This is a saline injection which works on a temporary basis and utterly vanishes in 24 hours. It’s indeed costly and largely used in underground scenes. Although this trend is not prevalent yet it still exists. Doesn’t it look weird?

Bagel on forehead

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4Face filter apps

For enlarging eyes, Japanese resort to various tips and tricks; for instance, contact lenses, surgery, etc. However, with the advancement of technology, this can be done without spending money and with the help of face filters on Instagram. Such apps enable them to get big anime-like eyes along with even-toned skin which looks graceful, glowing and smooth.

Face filter apps


The traditional idea of beauty in Japan is light and white skin and dark hair. In the 1990s, there was a reaction against this notion of beauty and it gave birth to a trend which is known as Ganguro. The meaning of Ganguro is “intensely black” and there are many Ganguro cafes in Japan where women have tanned brown skin and light hair- mostly blonde, orange or gray, waiting to serve you and give you a Ganguro look. Lips, a portion around eyes and the front part of the nose are also painted white. Tourists can get to see a completely new Japan if they visit these cafes.


Image Source: thelist.com


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