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15 Japanese Trends That Are Too Weird To Be Real

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 23 June 2018


6Owl cafes

You must be familiar with dog or cat cafes but have you ever heard about owl cafes? Well, that’s the uniqueness of Japan which makes it different from other parts of the world. While we may find the idea of hanging out with owls a little weird, it’s being loved by Japanese and there is no wonder as to why the number of owl cafes is gradually increasing in the country. Walk around, click pictures and pet cute owls; one can even hold an owl with the help of staff members and people usually find the overall experience delightful.

Owl cafes

Image Source: squarespace.com

7Lipstick templates

This is definitely of much use for those women who find it difficult to apply lipstick flawlessly without leaving a spot outside lips. Even though this template is not a trend itself but it’s the part of a trend called ‘chindogu’ which means ‘unusual tools’ for everyday common issues. This may not be a perfect tool but who knows it could be the beginning of some invention which can get pretty popular in future.

Lipstick templates

Image Source: tofugu.com

8Used underwear vending machines


Japanese people are said to be very open about their sexual desires and needs so while visiting Japan if you get to see vending machines selling used female underwear, don’t be surprised. If you also want one for yourself, search for the machine which has “Gentleman” written on the top of the machine. The price of such female used underwear starts from 12 USD.

Used underwear vending machines

Image Source: www.wooobles.com

9Eyelid trainers

This is one more crazy eye trend for which Japanese have shown interest. The motive of this tool is to make a double eyelid and it is a perfect gadget for those who want to enhance the look of their eyes without opting for surgery. Isn’t it nice and useful?

Eyelid trainers

Image Source: ebayimg.com

10Face-lifting masks

Some of the most uncommon face masks with massaging tools and effects like gym and sauna can be found in Japan. Such special masks are designed for the exercising of the face and are of much use for improving blood circulation, toning cheeks and reducing wrinkles. It may sound bizarre but there are many who don’t mind doing even weird things to look young.

Face-lifting masks

Image Source: www.japantrendshop.com


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