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15 Pictures Which Prove Gigi Hadid Is A Street Style Icon

By KK Angus, 7 February 2018

Gigi Hadid has stormed the fashion scene and how. From fashion covers to Victoria’s Secret to almost every major runway, Gigi is owning everything. She’s not just an Instagram sensation, but an icon on the streets too. Gigi’s street style has evolved tremendously over the years, and from formal pyjamas to fancy pullovers, she carries off everything with a fierce panache. Here’s her best street style looks

15 Pictures Which Prove Gigi Hadid Is A Street Style Icon

Image Source: streetstylevibe.com

1Long coats

Gigi sported a long, pea green coat by Zimmermann one winter, and gave way for the most statement-esque of her looks. The long coat paired with denims and a simple tee was an incredible wardrobe choice. The nude loafers only help her minimalist look.

Long coats

Image Source: www.popsugar.com.au

2All black everything

The perfect off duty supermodel look for Gigi is a black baggy sweater and a leather skirt. To top it off, of course, she chose black shades and thigh-high boots. The boots only work as her skirt has an incredible slit.

All black everything

Image Source: www.elleuk.com

3Grunge chic

To visit her pop star boyfriend Zayn Malik, Gigi chose a stellar long, tweed grey coat. To keep it fun, she added a grey crop top and some basic jeans. She also wore a sharp Zadig and Voltaire snakeskin boots.

Grunge chic

Image Source: www.whowhatwear.com

4Distressed is the new coolest

Gigi is bringing distressed chic back and how. The supermodel opted for an all-torn look recently, and it’s totally runway-worthy. Gigi wore a layered torn denim and a distressed denim jacket. And it was a perfect summer day look.

Distressed is the new coolest

Image Source: www.instyle.com

5Pyjamas, anyone?

Only Gigi Hadid can make pyjamas work for running errands. The supermodel wore a set of classic, formal pyjamas for a show, and it is the coolest thing ever. Not only were the pyjamas matching but also ended up looking very hipster.

Pyjamas, anyone

Image Source: www.popsugar.com

6Back to basics

Gigi looks the best in basic monochrome, and that’s exactly what she chose for one of her errands. The classic look was all black and comprised of a simple black top and an asymmetrical skirt. Gigi looked like a total street star with this look.

Back to basics

Image Source: www.fashionlady.in

7Rainbow on the streets

Gigi is known for her colourful wardrobe choices and for being a total trendsetter. For instance, she brought back bright rainbow segmented pantsuits into mainstream fashion. Take a look at the picture above for instance.

Rainbow on the streets

Image Source: www.realstylenetwork.com

8Red and Bright

Gigi usually tries to go bold with colours as far as street style is concerned. She chose this great red, short jumpsuit for an errand run and turned the streets into a runway.

Red and Bright

Image Source: thezoereport.com

9Mix and match

Gigi has often said that she loves mixing up unusual pieces together for her daily wear. She once wore basic top and black pants with a hot chrome yellow jacket and stunned the streets of Paris.

Mix and match

Image Source: wheretoget.it

10Go big or go home

Did you think power dressing can’t be colourful? Think again, because Gigi just rocked a red suit like a boss. For one of her errands, Gigi wore a long red suit with red track pants and a beige top and changed the game or power dressers.

Go big or go home

Image Source: www.myfashioncents.com

11Pyjamas or jumpsuit? 

Gigi can’t get over formal pyjamas, as she was spotted on Manhattan streets wearing stunning pink jumpsuit pyjamas. She paired it up with simple strappy heels and a clutch and skipped the make-up.

Pyjamas or jumpsuit

Image Source: www.yahoo.com

12Simple yet stunning

Only Gigi Hadid knows how to make a simple T-shirt and jeans look pathbreaking. Gigi chose a basic white tee and low waist jeans and paired it up with bold red lips and a dramatic blowout. To amp up the look, she carried a red clutch bag.

Simple yet stunning

Image Source: www.gotceleb.com

13Nude is good

Gigi loves nude, and she often sports her love in the streets. She makes nude look dramatic in this sweeping overcoat paired with a simple, distressed nude dress and a vintage black purse.

Nude is good

Image Source: www.instyle.com

14Feminine chic

Gigi is not always a tomboy or a diva on the streets, but quite often she is feminine chic, and she likes to keep it simple. For instance, she chose a matching, pale blue top and baggy pants or a summer errand, and looked like a million bucks.

Feminine chic

Image Source: www.eonline.com

15Formals all day

If you thought formals were boring, have a look at Gigi’s wardrobe, because she makes formal the new normal. For her day out, she chose a long suede, luxe trench coat and thigh-high boots. Cuz, it’s all about the drama, right?

Formals all day

Image Source: attirepin.com