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10 Secrets From Hollywood’s Beauty Expert Who Makes Celebrities Look Gorgeous

By Vishnu Sharma, 31 October 2017

How often does it happen that you look at a celebrity and wonder how do they look so gorgeous? Well, obviously they use make-up, but more than that they take care of their skin on a regular basis by taking recommendations from an expert. One of the most popular Dermatologists of the world, Dr. Harold Lancer is the man who has made celebrities like, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson and Victoria Beckham look amazing, till now. Don’t these women just look flawless, even at their respective ages right now? Taking cue from these celebrities, what we can do is that we can start taking care of our skin with suggestions given by Dr. Lancer. So, without further ado, let me start with the list of beauty secrets:

1Apply Moisturizer within a minute of washing your face

According to Dr. Lancer, one should apply the moisturizing cream right after washing their face as this exercise helps in keeping the moisture between your skin and the cream. If you tend to wait for more than a minute, then the thin layer of water, which was there on your face, vanishes and your skin starts becoming dry. To avoid it, you should apply the moisturizer within 60 seconds.

Apply Moisturizer on face

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2Wet your hair before swimming

Whenever you go for swimming, wet your hair with fresh water. With this, you will be able to fill the tiny gaps between your hair cuticles and that will, in turn, protect your hair from the chlorine present in the swimming pool and salt present in the sea water.

wet your hair before swimming

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3Use primer before applying make-up

You should make it a habit to apply primer before you put on make-up. Primer helps in retaining moisture of your skin, which tends to get lost by the application of foundation. In fact, a primer also helps in protecting your pores and in reducing the risk of acne, especially if you have oily skin.

applying make-up on face

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4Use an anti-dandruff shampoo to get rid of pimples

If you don’t have anything with you to fight away your pimples and you need to get ready for an important occasion, then try washing your face with an anti-dandruff shampoo. The shampoo contains zinc pyrithione, which helps in treating acne and pimples, but it is not a good idea to use it regularly. And just to be sure that it is safe for your skin, ask your dermatologist before using it.

anti-dandruff shampoo for acne

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5Don’t touch your face too often

Our fingertips are the home to plenty of germs, and when we touch our face with those hands, we tend to transfer the germs onto our skin. We don’t put anything in our mouth without washing our hands, and so should be the case before we touch our face. This is especially important if you have an acne-prone skin. In fact, you might even want to do one extra task if you want flawless skin; clean up all the things that tend to touch your face like your phones.

do no touch face with fingers

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6Remove make-up before you exercise

When you go for a sweat-inducing workout, it is always best that you remove all makeup from your face. Apart from the fact that you may look weird if your mascara washes off on your faces with sweat, in general too, make-up is not good while exercising. When you sweat it out, your pores open up, and if you have heavy foundation on, then your skin will not be able to breathe properly and in fact, the pores might get blocked with all the chemicals and lead to breakouts.

Remove make-up before you exercise

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7Use baking soda to remove styling products from your hair

When you have used a lot of hair-styling products and need to wash your hair with something that can make your hair look fresh and clean, then you should consider adding baking soda to your shampoo. Just add a teaspoon to your regular amount of shampoo and see the difference.

baking soda to wash hair

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8Water is best at room temperature

Water, when used at room temperature, is best for drinking as well as bathing. Your skin tends to dry out if you use water that is either too hot or too cold. It may take you some time to adapt to this habit, but once you do, you will know that actual water is best at room temperature.

girl taking shower

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9Apply sunscreen more than once

If you are indulging in water-based activities or if you are sweating, then you might want to reapply your sunscreen for proper protection. And in any case, it is always a better idea to reapply sunscreen if you have to stay out in the sun for a whole day.

Apply sunscreen on body

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10Try not to pout

According to Dr. Lancer, when we make a lot of facial expressions, the chances of getting wrinkles increase. So, it might just be a good idea that you don’t clench your teeth or make faces like the ones when you pout. If you can control your face, then you may have less fine lines and wrinkles.

Try not to pout

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