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15 Japanese Trends That Are Too Weird To Be Real

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 23 June 2018



It was in May 2018 that a cosplayer from Japan Yui Okada posted this trend which is actually a new and different way to wear a backpack. As per Yui Okada, this method is comfortable, safe and sexy and to prove her point correct, she even shared several pics of boobpacking wearing just a bra.


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The meaning of Shironuri is ‘painted white’ and in this trend, clothing style does not matter but what is actually important is the white skin. There could be a traditional Japanese dress or any other outfit but the skin has to look white. It can be done either by painting it with cosmetics and beauty products or by covering with a cloth of white color.


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13Nyotaimori and nantaimori


Nyotaimori is a trend which has been slammed many times and it means making arrangement on a female body. This trend is all about placing sashimi or sushi on an absolutely still and nude female body. The trend has its origin in the samurai times when it was carried out to celebrate victory in war. Nantaimori is the male version of this trend.

Having a meal from a nude body is not healthy at all and it doesn’t even make food any more delicious. It is just about the bold statement that it makes and now Nyotaimori is said to be practiced in Los Angeles as well.

Nyotaimori and nantaimori



This trend started in the late 90s and got popular in 2000s but now it has made a comeback in a strong manner. The word Decora has got its root from the English word ‘decoration’. The make-up and dressing are done in such a manner as to make people look child-like. Accessories are the most interesting part of this trend and used a lot, mostly bright in color, for example - bracelets and necklaces, multi-colored socks, stockings, leg and arm warmers, face stickers, glitter, colorful band-aids, bobby pins, clips, and bows.


15Provoking tears for relieving workplace stress

Japanese are known to be workaholics and their work culture is pretty stressful. It has also been seen that the stress levels are so high that few Japanese suffer heart problems. In order to help their women employees get relieved from work stress, a company ‘Ikemeso Danshi’ came up with a new trend in 2015. As per this trend, women who want to get rid of the pressure hire men known as ‘Ikemeso’; he will come to the woman’s office and watch a touching slideshow and some photos together. After that, he will encourage the woman to cry and he will wipe her tears.

Provoking tears for relieving workplace stress

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