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6 Nail Polish Colors and What They Reveal About Your Personality

By Jatin Sharma, 8 May 2017

Girls (and some boys) like manicures. Nail maintenance is not only good vanity wise, but also hygiene wise. However, everyone has their preference of colors in nail polishes. Nail paints not only makes nails look good, but it also keeps them safe from breakage.

Well sometimes, nail colors also tell a lot about people’s preferences and by extension, how they behave and what their nature is. Let’s have a look at 6 different colors and what they represent.

1 Charcoal

Usually, the black color is associated with rebellious nature and with teens who are going through an emotional phase and want to let everyone know that they are angry. But in today’s world, black has become the go-to color for people working in creative fields. Women who are poets, sculptor, painter or working in advertisement agencies, prefer to wear black on their nails. It symbolizes that a person has a very creative mind.

Charcoal nail paint

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2 Tropical Green

Tropical Green or any green for that matter means you have an energetic and excitable personality. Green, especially the shades like neon or lime are very bold colors, but green also have a calming sense about it. Wearing green means you are always up for an adventure and will always have a jolly nature. You like to bring smile on the faces of your loved ones.

Tropical Green

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3 Lilac

Lilac is a soothing and calming color and girls who prefer this color nail paint, are poised and calm themselves. People love you for your calmness and often seem to come to you for advice and they know they have someone to depend upon. They always share their problems with you and you are able to give them solutions accordingly.

Lilac color nail paint

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4 Burgundy

Burgundy is a mature color and makes you look sophisticated and s3xy. People love talking about their love life with you and seek your advice in matters of the heart. You are self-assured and self-confident enough to know what’s wrong and what’s right. Your maturity seems attractive to people and they come to you like moths to flame.

Burgundy is a mature color

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5 Cotton Pink

Pink color is a classic color to wear on the nails. It means that you are a warm person, who likes to remain happy and has a sense of humor. People who wear pink are extremely ambitious and work oriented. Girls who like pink nail polish carry themselves well and has some poise in the sense of dressing, accessories and mannerisms.

Cotton Pink

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6 Fire Red

Girls who like fiery red nail polish have highly dominating personalities. They are natural born leaders and love to have an entourage of people with them at all times. They have magnetic personalities with people being drawn to them. They have lots of friends due to their charisma and tell an awesome story.

Fire Red nail paint

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