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Scientists Say That Intelligence Comes From Mothers, Not From Fathers

By Meera Kaushal, 6 May 2018


7Mothers are also responsible for giving a nurturing environment

The role of a mother certainly doesn’t stop by transmitting the intelligence genes, as that is just the starting. Researchers have also found that a secure bond between a mother and a child also determine the IQ levels. In a study done at the University of Washington, it was found that a secure emotional bond between a child and the mother is a must for the proper development of some parts of the brain. 

mother loving her baby

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8Further findings of the study

The researchers analyzed the way a group of mothers behaved with their children for seven years. They found that those kids who were emotionally supported and got the chance to have their intellectual needs fulfilled had almost 10% larger hippocampus at the age of 13, as compared to the kids who had emotionally distant mothers around them. The hippocampus is that area of the brain, which is responsible for learning, memory and stress response. When there is a strong emotional bond between a child and the mother, it gives the kid a sense of security with which he can explore the world and also have the confidence to solve major problems. 

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9Fathers, don’t lose hope!


Although, till now all the fathers out there must have felt that they are nowhere responsible for the intelligence in their kids, but you don’t have to lose all hopes in this matter; as some researchers also say that traits such as intuition and emotions, which can actually be transferred from a father are also responsible in making a person potentially intelligent to solve everyday problems.

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Apart from that, if you also take part in providing a nurturing environment for your kids, they will certainly grow to be more intelligent. 

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