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Scientists Say That Intelligence Comes From Mothers, Not From Fathers

By Meera Kaushal, 6 May 2018


4Interesting findings of the study

Further, researchers also identified certain cells that only had either the paternal genes or the maternal genes in almost 6 different parts of the brains of the mice. Interestingly, the cells from paternal genes went to the parts of the limbic system, which is basically involved in various functions of eating food, aggression and physical intimacy.

Brain stem

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While the cells with maternal genes went directly to the cerebral cortex, the area of the brain, which is responsible for all the cognitive functions such as language, reasoning, thought and planning. 

cerebral cortex

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5A more human approach to explore the details of intelligence

Some people may argue that how can the functioning of brains of mice be compared to the human brains. And keeping this in mind, researchers from Glasgow interviewed almost 12,686 youngsters ranging in the ages of 14 and 22 for several years since 1994. The researchers took many aspects into consideration, such as the education levels of the participants along with their race and socio-economic statuses. They still found that intelligence comes from the mother. 

more human approach

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6Are genes the only determining factor when it comes to intelligence?


You may have had this question in your mind while reading this article. And to end your queries, we would like to tell you that some researchers say that the effect of genes on intelligence ranges from 40-60 percent. This means that a large chunk of the effects also come from the environment. 

outdoor activities for kids

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