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25 Personality Characteristics to Prove You Are a Mentally Strong Person

By Andrew Alpin, 3 November 2017

Life isn’t a breeze and it is life’s challenges and ups and downs that make us stronger. The attitude to accepting failures is best summed up in the words of my favorite film, character “Rocky Balboa “nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!”

Not everyone is as strong in mind, but!! You can learn from your experiences and stop regarding yourself as a sorry figure unable to achieve your goals. Every one of us is a unique person and remember it takes, even more, courage for a person facing anxiety and depression to stand up and stare back at life and move on. In truth you are mentally strong, it just takes a bit of digging into your own faculties you thought you never had. According to psychotherapists, here are 25 characteristics of a mentally strong person. 

1You maintain a balance between logical reasoning and your emotions

As a practical person, you maintain a good balance between emotions and logic applying the same to life’s decisions. An emotional situation doesn’t always influence the right decision and this is why you think before acting by analyzing the possible outcome of a situation. You allow neither to prevail over the decision making process.

2You are a productive person

You don’t believe in wasting your time and giving excuses for not doing a job well. You will always get your work done because like all mentally strong people, your priorities are set and you know what to focus on and when. You don’t believe in indulging on time-wasting activity. 

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3You are highly adaptable to change

Evolution is all around us and so is life. Changes don’t seem to faze you like it may do to others. You are more than willing to adapt to new circumstances through your own ability to cope with ever-changing reality.

4You face your fears and tackle them head on

Everyone has fears even mentally strong people do. But a strong mind will face up to the fact of having to face life’s demons that can’t be avoided and will summon up the courage to do so. Mentally strong people will confront obstacles and fears just to remove them from the path of self improvement. 

face your fears and tackle them

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5You learn from failure and mistakes

A mentally strong person accepts failure and mistakes as part of the learning process only not to commit them again. They don’t hide in corners regarding themselves as losers neither will they hide their mistakes and acknowledge them in hopes that it will make them better.

6You don’t live in a dream world

There are a number of people who dream of being something but can’t quite come to terms with the reality of their standing in life. It’s not bad to dream of being successful but a mentally strong people will strike a balance between such thoughts that help them accept their present status of who they really are. 

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7You are happy for other people when they succeed

Like a true sportsman, a strong person will always take pride in a colleague’s or friend’s success congratulating tem with tons of praise; they are never jealous and celebrate another’s happiness. They are quick to motivate and encourage too.

8Your decisions are influenced by your values

It is easy for you to make a decision simply because you know the important things in life and what needs your immediate focus. Because of your own values, you find it easier to make a decision that will help you on the right path. 

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9You’d rather improve than show off your existing skills

While others are busy boasting about their skills, you being the perfectionist will always regard yourself as a person who needs to improve. You are confident and secure about who you are and don’t need recognition from others.

10Everything about you is authentic

You don’t live in a bubble and neither do you make out to be someone you are not. You actions also will never be contradictory and clash with your words. You believe in portraying an honest display of yourself and will always lead an authentic life and there is never anything false about you. 

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11You value yourself not your achievements

A mentally strong person will always want you to accept them for who they are and not what they achieve in life. Similarly they also value themselves and are not exactly so impressed with their achievements to keep boasting about it to others. Strong people don’t really care about winning or losing as it is all part of life.

12You are patient about victory

Mentally strong people know that success and victory don’t come overnight; it needs hard work and patience. Ultimately for you it is all the more sweet knowing how it was worth the wait. Impatience according to strong people is a weakness as it makes people rash and careless. 

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13You accept the responsibility of your actions

A mentally strong person doesn’t back down from any negative action and will always assume full responsibility for his decisions or actions regardless of them being good or bad. Being strong isn’t a guarantee against mistakes but you know you can’t always win and learn your lessons from them.

14Obstacles and difficulties are opportunities

For you life’s challenges or difficulties are only opportunities and stepping stones to success. Every problem regardless of how difficult is a prime means to improvement and self growth. Not everyone loves a challenge or difficulty but strong people get better with them. 

Obstacles and difficulties are opportunities

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15You are a thankful person

A mentally strong person isn’t an ingrate and will always be thankful for whatever has been received. Even to colleagues, friends and family, he or she will express gratitude and will be grateful for help and any opportunity received. Strong people aren’t greedy.

16You focus on your capabilities

You always prioritize your tasks according to your capabilities because you know what you are good at. Mentally strong people are always successful because they nurture their talents and their time and efforts are always centered on their abilities. 

focus on your capabilities

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17You know how to pick yourself up after you fall

Like the Rocky quote, strong people don’t stay down after a fall; they pick themselves up dust off the failure and step forward. For them life is about moving forward not back and regardless of how much each challenge gets to you , you have to keep pushing forward which ultimately leads to victory.

18You are realistic and an optimist

Most mentally strong people think positive and see the optimistic side of every situation which helps them make better decisions for a fruitful outcome of any situation. You are also a realistic and practical person. 

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19You improve on your weaknesses

Many people hide their drawbacks and vulnerabilities but strong people don’t believe in doing so. They aren’t afraid to show their weaknesses and will strive to rectify their flaws and improve their drawbacks and weaknesses for the benefit of themselves.

20Strong people don’t squabble over petty things

Mentally strong people dedicate their lives towards perfection and success, they do not have time to indulge and engage in petty trifles. Neither would they even prolong a baseless argument as they have better things to do with their time. For them time is valuable and should never be spent of discussing or squabbling over stupid issues nor will they allow minor mistakes to anger them. 

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21You deal with your problems

Mentally strong people take their problems head on and try to resolve them as soon as possible. Rather than whine and squeal over how bad life is treating you and the problems in life, it would be better to devise ways on coming to terms with them and solving them like a strong person would.

22For you, life is a learning process

You love learning new things and will never show that you are a know it all. For you life’s experiences, new people and new situations are all opportunities to learn something new and improve your knowledge. 

learning process

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23You are humble

Have you ever noticed that a person who actually knows alot about a certain topic will be the one least speaking in a social group? That is because mentally strong people don’t really need to prove who they are by continuously boasting about their abilities. They practice humility which is a virtue of human character.

24You are a role model

Mentally strong people are forever helping others deal with their problems by offering advice when asked for it. A strong person encourages and inspires people without ever regarding them as lesser in abilities and characteristics. They are always providing emotional security to friends and family. 

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25You are oozing with confidence but will never be over confident

A mentally strong person knows his or her limits and will never be overconfident about anything which is a foolish trait. They will take on a challenge according to their capabilities whose limits they are well aware of and if an opportunity expresses a chance to grow, they may not hesitate to take on the challenge. 

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