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Scientists Explain 12 True Signs To Determine If A Person Is Intelligent

By KK Angus, 24 March 2018

The debate between emotional quotient and intelligent quotient has been going on for decades. While scientists believe that EQ is extremely important, IQ is if course a lot more important in the real world. Also it's much easier to measure IQ than EQ. But the quest to identify truly intelligent minds can now end.

A scientific website had concluded that the tell-tale signs of intelligent people can now be identified with some signs. Only truly intelligent people can pass this test. Read on

1Did you start reading early?

Did you start identifying alphabets at an earlier stage than your friends? Have your parents told you how you've always tried to understand words as an infant. Science says this is a sign that you are terribly intelligent and sharp. People with the smartest minds start learning at a faster rate than their friends and start identifying colours, shapes, letters and numbers as a kindergartener.

Did you start reading early

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2Being the older sibling

Are you an older sibling? Scientists at Edinburgh University have found out via research that older siblings or first-borns have higher IQs than their younger siblings. Not only are they more intelligent but are also more intuitive, but also a lot more focused. But this doesn't work as a general rule as there are inventors and scientists who are not the older sibling and yet have done remarkably well for themselves, but it's a widely observed case.

Being the older sibling

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3You are a loner

It has been proved time and again that affinity to stay alone proves that you have a keener sense of perception. Scientists Norman Li and Satoshi Kanazawa conducted a research study which shows that intelligent people often tend to avoid mingling or group activities and love spending time alone. So, if you prefer staying home on weekends rather than partying or if you need a few minutes to yourself everyday, it’s actually a good sign.

watching movie alone

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4Tall means well?

It has been proved by scientists at Princeton that tall people or people with a height that's above average are usually a lot more well-off in life and are also a lot more intelligent and wise. This is not to say that short people can't be successful but it has been concluded after research that most affluent and rich people have good height.

girls height chart

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It has been proved in a study that if you are or used to be enrolled in some sort of music class, it's more likely that you're intelligent and have high IQ. In fact, the study suggests that their high IQ is the reason why brainy people choose to learn and master music.


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6Not overweight

It has been researched and proved that people with leaner bodies tend to have more IQ . The study basically found  a connection between body mass index and the function of the brain. People who have exceeded the standard BMW level have lesser IQ. Whereas people who weigh less, proved to be more intelligent.

 people with leaner bodies

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7Don't like working out

In a curious study, it was found that people who have a higher IQ than others, don't actually like exercising although they do weigh lesser. But according to the results of an American experiment people who are more intelligent like engaging their cognitive senses in reading, writing or other intellectual pursuits rather than working out or engaging in external activities.

female taking rest on gym

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8Do you have blue eyes?

A renowned professor at the University of Louisville, found out that people with blue eyes have a higher IQ rate. In fact most celebrated scientists in history like Stephen Hawking actually had blue eyes.

People with eyes of light colours eyes are actually more adept at focusing on work and getting out of difficult situations.

Stephen Hawking actually had blue eyes

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9Are your ears too sensitive?

Are you more affected by surrounding sounds and noises than others? University of Helsinki found out in a study that a person who finds it hard to ignore background noises or disturbances are smarter and have more IQ. People even found a term for the condition which makes one more sensitive to even soft noises and it's called misophonia.

sensitive ear

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10Ring finger > Index finger

Did you know a Norwegian study found out that the people with longer ring fingers, which is the third finger, in the left hand, are generally fast learners and problem fixers? In fact, there IQs can be higher too. A few months ago, a Cambridge university study concluded the same, that if a person’s ring finger is longer than the index finger, which is the first finger, that person (in most cases, at least) is financially better off and more tech savvy.

Ring finger > Index finger

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11More anxiety - more intelligence?

Did you know that it has been proved by several studies that smarter people, especially those with a keen sense of perception can be more afflicted by self doubt and anxiety. Several scientists have claimed over the years that people who are more intellectually sound tend to overanalyze their past and the problems of the past, and think about ways of not repeating them. This obviously tends to give any person a case of anxiety and the person also questions his improvement. Thus, if you notice, people with higher IQs are also the ones who are more prone to stress.

More anxiety - more intelligence

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12Do you use bad words?

Swearing or cursing is actually a sign that you are more intelligent than your peers as quite simply, you have a keener sense of a problematic situation and are rightly affected by it. Scientists have noticed over the years, that people who swear at being faced by tough situations are actually more likely to be problem solvers and fast thinkers.

Swearing or cursing

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