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Scientists Explain 12 True Signs To Determine If A Person Is Intelligent

By KK Angus, 24 March 2018


The debate between emotional quotient and intelligent quotient has been going on for decades. While scientists believe that EQ is extremely important, IQ is if course a lot more important in the real world. Also it's much easier to measure IQ than EQ. But the quest to identify truly intelligent minds can now end.

A scientific website had concluded that the tell-tale signs of intelligent people can now be identified with some signs. Only truly intelligent people can pass this test. Read on

1Did you start reading early?

Did you start identifying alphabets at an earlier stage than your friends? Have your parents told you how you've always tried to understand words as an infant. Science says this is a sign that you are terribly intelligent and sharp. People with the smartest minds start learning at a faster rate than their friends and start identifying colours, shapes, letters and numbers as a kindergartener.

Did you start reading early

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2Being the older sibling

Are you an older sibling? Scientists at Edinburgh University have found out via research that older siblings or first-borns have higher IQs than their younger siblings. Not only are they more intelligent but are also more intuitive, but also a lot more focused. But this doesn't work as a general rule as there are inventors and scientists who are not the older sibling and yet have done remarkably well for themselves, but it's a widely observed case.

Being the older sibling

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3You are a loner


It has been proved time and again that affinity to stay alone proves that you have a keener sense of perception. Scientists Norman Li and Satoshi Kanazawa conducted a research study which shows that intelligent people often tend to avoid mingling or group activities and love spending time alone. So, if you prefer staying home on weekends rather than partying or if you need a few minutes to yourself everyday, it’s actually a good sign.

watching movie alone

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4Tall means well?

It has been proved by scientists at Princeton that tall people or people with a height that's above average are usually a lot more well-off in life and are also a lot more intelligent and wise. This is not to say that short people can't be successful but it has been concluded after research that most affluent and rich people have good height.

girls height chart

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