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Take this Eye Personality quiz by choosing an eye which tells you the type of person you are

By Andrew Alpin, 22 March 2017


Did you know that your eyes too can reveal a lot about your personality? Just like palmistry determines your palms fingers and toes, so does this test tell you what type of personality or character are you by your choices of these eye patterns in this image?

Care to take a shot at finding out what type of person are you? Then take this eye personality quiz by choosing an eye and read your answers below.

1 Choosing Eye 1 Means Your Open Hearted

Yes, you are the kind of person who will welcome people into your life and your heart. It’s the thought of being close to someone that’s important to you and hence the risk or even the possibility of hurt. This isn’t as bad as being alone in life however you prefer to deal with your problems and fears yourself and never show others your pain. Despite your own hardship, you are willing to lend a comforting hand to someone else in need. For you, healing means helping others to smile.

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2 Choosing Eye 2 means you’re A Conscientious Person

The way you conduct yourself among people are determined by your own actions. That’s exactly what you feel and this is what makes you conscious of your behavior and dealings with others in order to make a good impression. Your aren’t new to the sorrows and injustice of the world and have seen your fair share of sadness. But you never show your pain and keep such matters to yourself. For you being a good person is what matters most and that is the mark you’re about to leave on the planet.

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3 Choosing Eye 3 means you have been affected by the past

Due to negativity influencing and impacting your past, you have nothing but scorn for life and its cruel methods of dealing with you. Life for you is a cruel joke as it has not offered you anything but pain in the past. The burden of that trauma is still carried on your shoulders but despite of that you endeavor hard to find your own peace. However you are also a resilient person who never stays down and this is what makes you look to the positive side too.

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