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Guess The Color Of These Sandals; Are They Gold, White Or Blue?

By Andrew Alpin, 28 March 2017

Do you recall a viral topic on the color of a dress that circulated on social media? How we all tried our best guessing the color of the dress. Whether it was black, blue, gold or whatever, the suspense made for some nice entertainment.

Well colors are back again and this time it’s the color of sandals that is now adding to the mystery.

1 The dress created a viral sensation

A Twitter account by the name of Falsiane has just posted another mindboggling picture which looks very simple. It’s just a pair of sandals. More like flip flops to be precise and now the question arising again is “what color do you see”Is it gold, white? Black or blue its fun trying to solve the mystery.

The image definitely shows a color distortion and has got several likes. IN 2015, the dress too became a viral trend which also gave rise to a whole lot of spoofy memes. But somehow the actual color wasn’t yet revealed. There were several scientific sites that attempted to give an explanation and ended up saying that the dress was actually a shade of blue not white at all.

The dress created a viral sensation

Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk

2 Could you guess the color of the sandals?

Hopefully you may guess the correct color of sandals. The reason for the color distortion is due to the manner in which light is reflected off the subject and is then processed by our brain which tries to extract information about the true color of the object. But the dress like these sandals possessed individual differences of color, hence the distortion. So let’s see if you can truly guess the right color.

guess the color of the sandals

Image Source: www.indianexpress.com

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