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Want To Become An FBI Agent? See If You Have That Capability and Caliber

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 26 May 2018


The job of FBI special agent always excites those who want some thrill in their lives and it also gives chance to serve the society by catching the people who broke the law. However, it is not easy to get recruited as an FBI special agent because a person needs to be very smart, should have high IQ and aptitude for getting this job.

As per the data, not even 5% candidates are able to get selected which makes it one of the toughest jobs in the world. If you want to check whether you will be able to get the job of FBI special agent, you have to answer these questions:

1The mystery of Christmas

It was the early morning of 25th December, the Christmas, when a policeman rang the doorbell of a house. After some time, the owner opened the door and it could be made out by looking at him that he was sleeping. The policeman says to the owner that his neighbor has alleged that on the Christmas Eve, which means yesterday when he was celebrating Christmas at your home, you broke into his house and stole some valuable belongings.

The owner replied that the neighbor is lying about the whole thing as he with his family celebrated Christmas Eve at his friend’s place. In fact, they didn’t even have time to decorate their Christmas tree properly. The policeman was also convinced that the owner is telling the truth and the neighbor is lying and he told the owner that there is nothing for him to worry. 

The mystery of Christmas

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How policeman solved the mystery?

If you look at the photograph, you can see that the lights which are decorated at the Christmas tree are unplugged and even a bulb is missing. Without this bulb, the lights won’t work and this means that the owner was in such a hurry that he didn’t even checked whether everything is working fine or not. This means he was not at the home and the neighbor is lying.

How policeman solved the mystery

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2The poisonous drinks at a restaurant

A man and woman went to have dinner at a restaurant and after ordering the dishes, they asked for 5 glasses of iced drinks as it was too hot. The woman had 4 glasses of iced drinks quickly while the man drank his drink slowly. After some time, the man felt ill and passed away. As per the doctors, each drink had poison in it.

The question arises that when all the drinks were poisoned, why there was no effect on the woman despite the fact that she drank four drinks but the man who had only one drink, passed away. 

The poisonous drinks at a restaurant

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The case solved

There was no poison in the drink but actually, the ice was poisonous. As the man drank in a leisurely mood, the ice melted in his drink and he consumed poison. On the other hand, the woman drank quickly and hence ice didn’t get time to melt. Consequently, she was saved.

The case solved

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3The mystery of chemicals


Police found a lifeless body of a much-known chemist lying in his chemistry laboratory and it got sufficient clues to establish that two people are involved in the crime. However, the total number of suspects was five and their names were Felice, Joshua, Nicolas, Nathan, and Peter.

The investigating team also discovered a note from the chemist’s body which read, “26-3-58 /28-27-57-16.”

This note was of great help for the police as now police is sure about the culprits.

How did the police found out the culprits? 

The mystery of chemicals

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Mystery decoded

As the deceased was a known chemist, police knew that these numbers would have some chemical value. On the periodic table of elements, these numbers correspond to atomic numbers: 26 — Fe, 3 — Li, 58 — Ce –> It becomes Felice 28 — Ni, 27 — Co, 57 — La, 16 — S —> It becomes Nicolas

Hence, Felice and Nicolas were arrested and taken into custody by the police.

Mystery decoded

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