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Want To Become An FBI Agent? See If You Have That Capability and Caliber

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 26 May 2018

The job of FBI special agent always excites those who want some thrill in their lives and it also gives chance to serve the society by catching the people who broke the law. However, it is not easy to get recruited as an FBI special agent because a person needs to be very smart, should have high IQ and aptitude for getting this job.

As per the data, not even 5% candidates are able to get selected which makes it one of the toughest jobs in the world. If you want to check whether you will be able to get the job of FBI special agent, you have to answer these questions:

1The mystery of Christmas

It was the early morning of 25th December, the Christmas, when a policeman rang the doorbell of a house. After some time, the owner opened the door and it could be made out by looking at him that he was sleeping. The policeman says to the owner that his neighbor has alleged that on the Christmas Eve, which means yesterday when he was celebrating Christmas at your home, you broke into his house and stole some valuable belongings.

The owner replied that the neighbor is lying about the whole thing as he with his family celebrated Christmas Eve at his friend’s place. In fact, they didn’t even have time to decorate their Christmas tree properly. The policeman was also convinced that the owner is telling the truth and the neighbor is lying and he told the owner that there is nothing for him to worry. 

The mystery of Christmas

Image Source: .mynet.com.tr

How policeman solved the mystery?

If you look at the photograph, you can see that the lights which are decorated at the Christmas tree are unplugged and even a bulb is missing. Without this bulb, the lights won’t work and this means that the owner was in such a hurry that he didn’t even checked whether everything is working fine or not. This means he was not at the home and the neighbor is lying.

How policeman solved the mystery

Image Source: mynet.com.tr

2The poisonous drinks at a restaurant

A man and woman went to have dinner at a restaurant and after ordering the dishes, they asked for 5 glasses of iced drinks as it was too hot. The woman had 4 glasses of iced drinks quickly while the man drank his drink slowly. After some time, the man felt ill and passed away. As per the doctors, each drink had poison in it.

The question arises that when all the drinks were poisoned, why there was no effect on the woman despite the fact that she drank four drinks but the man who had only one drink, passed away. 

The poisonous drinks at a restaurant

Image Source: www.getjoys.net

The case solved

There was no poison in the drink but actually, the ice was poisonous. As the man drank in a leisurely mood, the ice melted in his drink and he consumed poison. On the other hand, the woman drank quickly and hence ice didn’t get time to melt. Consequently, she was saved.

The case solved

Image Source: www.getjoys.net

3The mystery of chemicals

Police found a lifeless body of a much-known chemist lying in his chemistry laboratory and it got sufficient clues to establish that two people are involved in the crime. However, the total number of suspects was five and their names were Felice, Joshua, Nicolas, Nathan, and Peter.

The investigating team also discovered a note from the chemist’s body which read, “26-3-58 /28-27-57-16.”

This note was of great help for the police as now police is sure about the culprits.

How did the police found out the culprits? 

The mystery of chemicals

Image Source: naokr.com

Mystery decoded

As the deceased was a known chemist, police knew that these numbers would have some chemical value. On the periodic table of elements, these numbers correspond to atomic numbers: 26 — Fe, 3 — Li, 58 — Ce –> It becomes Felice 28 — Ni, 27 — Co, 57 — La, 16 — S —> It becomes Nicolas

Hence, Felice and Nicolas were arrested and taken into custody by the police.

Mystery decoded

Image Source: maybusch.com

4Find out the mother

Have a good look at the photo: 

Find out the mother

Image Source: teach.az

In this photo, two ladies can be seen sitting on chairs, facing each other and in between them, a kid is playing on the floor.

Study the image in a proper way and try to find out who is the mother of the kid?

Women can understand it pretty well

The lady sitting on the left is the mother of the kid. If you notice the legs of the lady are pointing towards the kid. She is sitting in a slightly bent position towards the kid so that she can reach towards the kid quickly if required. The kid is also facing the lady on the left because it is normal for the kids to face their mother while playing or doing any other activity.

Women can understand it pretty well

Image Source: teach.az

5Cassette recording

A lifeless body of a person was found lying at a location with a pistol in one hand and a cassette recorder on the other side. The policeman played the cassette recorder and a message played, saying that I am tired of this life and decided to stop my pain and suffering, and it was followed with the sound of a shot. The policeman made up his mind instantly and said that this man has not taken his life.

The question that arises is how the policeman can be so sure?

Cassette recording

Image Source: imgrosetta.mynet.com.tr

Policeman cracked mystery

The policeman applied a simple logic which helped him in solving the case. If the man took his life, how would he have rewind the cassette? It’s a natural fact and anyone who uses a little common sense will get the answer. The same helped the policemen arrive at the conclusion that someone else has taken the victim’s life. 

Policeman cracked mystery

Image Source: www.wildgratitude.com

6Crime on Sunday afternoon

On Sunday afternoon, police was called at a house where a couple used to live but someone took husband’s life. At that time there were cook, maid, gardener, and wife at the house and police interrogated each one of them and also asked what they were doing at that time. The wife said she was reading a book while the cook was cooking breakfast, maid was fixing the table and gardener was watering the plants.

Crime on Sunday afternoon

Image Source: sinaimg.cn

The police arrested the culprit just after taking the statements.

Can you tell how police came to know about culprit?

A simple case to solve

It requires just a little bit of brain to make out that it’s the cook who was lying in view of the fact that breakfast is not cooked in the afternoon. He might have said that out of fear of getting caught or he might not have any other excuse in his mind.

A simple case to solve

Image Source: sinaimg.cn

7Windows with frost

Smith called the police claiming that he has found his friend Tom lying lifeless in his study. He told police that he was going somewhere when he saw that the light of Tom’s house was on. He tried to look through the window but there was frost, so he wiped it off and then he saw Tom lying on the floor. He opened the door by kicking it and found his friend lying on the floor in the study. 

Windows with frost

Image Source: www.ifuun.com

Is Smith lying?

The policeman knew from the very beginning that Smith was lying because of frost forms on the inner side of a window and not on the outer side. This clearly means that Smith did not wipe the frost off and he cooked up a false story so the policeman took him into custody. 

Detective caught culprit

Image Source: www.escape13.com

8Two pills

A person abducts other people and gives them the choice of having one pill from the two. He tells everyone that one pill is harmless while the other one is poisonous and whichever the victim chooses, he will take the other one. However, every time the victim loses his life while the abductor is absolutely fine.

Can you tell why nothing happens to abductor or how did he get the harmless pill every time?

 Two pills

Image Source: teach.az

The truth about the pills

Both the pills appear to be the same in shape, size, and color so there’s no chance that the abductor can differentiate between them and even if he could, the victim got the opportunity to choose first so it’s crystal clear that both the pills were absolutely harmless every time; however, the poison was in the water which the victim used to consume with the pill.

The truth about the pills

Image Source: teach.az

9Where is the money gone?

A $100 bill was kept by the house owner on the table before he left for work but when he returned, the bill was nowhere. The three people whom he suspected were maid, cook and the electrician.

He asked the cook about the bill, the cook said that he put it under the book so that it doesn’t get lost. When the maid was asked the same question, she said that she placed the bill in the book between the pages 10 and 11. When the electrician was asked about the bill, he said that he saw it coming out so he put it safely between the pages 11 and 12.

The house owner understood who stole the $100 bill. Can you tell who the thief is? 

Where is the money gone

Image Source: www.culturehook.com

A little common sense will get you the answer

The electrician has stolen the bill because the owner checked the bill between the pages 10 and 11. This means that pages 11 and 12 are on the opposite sides of a single sheet. Therefore, there’s no chance that the $100 bill can be kept between pages 11 and 12.

Electrician has stolen the bill

Image Source: ww.culturehook.com

10Poisonous apple

A woman invited a guest for dinner and after dinner offered her an apple but she refused as she was full. However, the lady divided the apple in half with a knife for sharing the apple. They both started eating apple but as the guest tasted it, she passed away.

Can you tell how can she pass away when they both had the same apple? 

Poisonous apple

Image Source: teach.az

Was the apple really poisonous?

The woman used knife coated with poison just on one edge for cutting the apple and gave that part to the guest. This way, the victim consumed the poisonous part and lost her life while the host remained heart and healthy as she consumed the safer side where no poison was touched.

Was the apple really poisonous

Image Source: teach.az

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