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15 Of The Most Unsettling Child Ghost Stories That Are Known To Still Exist


A Child ghost - the idea itself is very tragic and sad. Most of them undoubtedly had their lives taken by some gruesome tragedy making them doomed to walk amidst the living forever. Some of them are even cursed to repeat their final moment of pain and despair, too scared and helpless to cross over. Well, there are a few famous child ghosts have created reputations for themselves too. While some of them are helpful and friendly, some have been found to be evil and downright creepy acting as an agent of doom themselves. Here are 15 creepiest child ghost stories bound to rattle some nerves or at least make us pause and think about it.

1 The Ghostly Children of New Orleans

Well if it’s America and it’s a ghost story it has to start from the city of New Orleans. This city has seen a lot of violence both manmade and natural which makes it a watering hole for everything supernatural. You would be surprised to find so many instances of haunting involving child ghosts as well. The Famous (or shall we call it infamous) Andrew Jackson Hotel which sits quaintly in the French quarters of the city has its own share of fame thanks to a ghastly fire in the 19th century which engulfed it. This fire burnt the actual building which was a residence before it was converted into a hotel. There are various versions of stories of a young specter or even a bunch of dead children who are often seen playing and running across the hallways and rooms. There have been plenty of sightings by tourists and visitors to consider this more than a rumor or a hoax. 

The Ghostly Children of New Orleans

Image Source: ghostcitytours.com

2 San Antonio's Railroad Children

This can be safely stated to be the popular of urban legends in Texas. It is tragic as it about a group of children who lost their lives in a ghastly train accident…which were menacingly common in the late 19th and early 20th century. The saddest part of this story is that their souls could never rest in peace and are stuck to that particular fatal track becoming silent vigilantes to prevent any further track accidents like their own. In fact, the belief is so entrenched in this part of town that if you park your car on those fateful tracks and spread flour on the bumper, your car would be pushed off to safety with small fingerprints all over the back of your car.! Heart-wrenching! 

San Antonio's Railroad Children

Image Source: www.liveinternet.ru

3 The Sobbing Child of Little Moreton Hall

This story comes across the pond from Cheshire, England. In an idyllic village, there is a house called the Moreton hall which completes the postcard-perfect vista of its idyllic English countryside. Just that, the chapel of the house is agog with the incessant cry of a baby which is invisible to all. Umpteen attempts to locate the child both inside and outside the house by visitors have proven futile, so much so that everyone has finally given up looking for it and gave this house its new eerie sobriquet. 

The Sobbing Child of Little Moreton Hall

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4 Crybaby Bridge

The name itself is morbid and nothing grand can be expected from any bridge which is famous for its creepy name. The bridge is in Alderson, Oklahoma. If local rumors are to be believed, a woman was raped by her father multiple times and later he would throw the infants she delivered off the bridge! Horrendous! But there are supposed to be a few more crybaby bridges across the country with similar narratives of the sound of a weeping child at night. 

Crybaby Bridge

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5 The Radiant Boy

A child ghost always has a tragedy or malicious story attached to its demise which can never be hopeful making them so many times worse than other traditional counterparts. The story of a Radiant Boy is the worst of all. These specters are vicious and the harbinger of doom. They are glowing naked boys who are a portent of evil which always paves way for future death or destruction if seen by a mortal. The most famous example was of Robert Stewart, 2nd Marquees of Londonderry, who saw a floating radiant boy at his Cumbrian Corby castle in the middle of the night in his bedchamber. Years later he committed suicide by slitting his own throat with a penknife!!! 

The Radiant Boy

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6 Ghost Children Caught on Camera

North Wales is rich in tradition, natural beauty, great mansions, and halls as well as history. Unfortunately, most of the history is morose and morbid, with dark stories behind it. This one is no different. Pen-y-Lan Hall is resident to two child ghosts. One is a boy and another one is a curious little girl. They are both harmless and can be seen gazing through windows and screens. Well, whatever be their story of sad doom they seem to be indifferent towards human interventions and are happy to spend their eternity in a beautiful welsh mansion. 

Ghost Children Caught on Camera

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

7 The Victorian Child Who Wanted to Climb a Tree

It was a rare sunny day at Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, England, when a mom decided to take her kids for a picnic in the outer garden. She took ample pictures of the kids frolicking and fooling around. It was later when the photos were developed that she realized her kids were not alone. She saw a little child attired in Victorian dress standing with a hoop in her hand as if wanting to play. This was truly a heartbreaking picture of a young baby who died much before her time but still yearned to be playful with kids who at least looked like her age and could see her. "I couldn’t believe it when I looked closer at the picture and there was a child, standing with a wheel or a hoop in their hand. It has really freaked me out. I don’t like anything like that." 

Victorian Child Who Wanted to Climb a Tree

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8 The Invisible Children of the Old Stone House

Washington DC has its own share of gruesome stories involving slave children who majestic city as well as the most majestic address the “The Whitehouse” and of course who died in marshlands surrounding the city. But probably this is the only city which is haunted by laughing children at the Old Stone House on M Street NW. So it’s not just the illustrious presidents who haunt the city but the ghost children who it seems like being dead and playing eternally. 

The Invisible Children of the Old Stone House

Image Source: www.nps.gov

9 The Niles Canyon Ghost

This ghost is technically not a kid as she is just about a teenager in a pretty prom dress. She is often found hitchhiking at the Niles Canyon, California. She asks for a ride probably on her way to that ill-fated prom party. The eerie part is all those people who have given her a ride claim that after driving for a few hundred feet away she vanishes from the car. And the next car coming behind passing through the same area later sees her in the same predicament again. It is sad that this young lady, who was just about to experience the best night of her life does not even make it to the venue and is still trying to reach there for all eternity. 

The Niles Canyon Ghost

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10 The Face in the TV

This story is spooky as well as a bit amusing. A woman was enjoying the day with her friend sitting on a trampoline when they encountered 2 different apparitions. One was of a little girl who ran towards them screaming “mama, mama” while the second spirit was a of a blonde boy who was a bit irate and his face appeared on the T.V and just stared at them, asking as if who gave them the right to just sit on the trampoline while it was meant for clearly different productive proposes. These extraordinary incidents happened in Duart, Pennsylvania.

The Face in the TV

Image Source: www.ghoststudy.com

11 Penny's Orbs

Penny is a lady who since 12 had a gift and claimed she constantly felt paranormal activity around her. One night she was watching TV and she saw a floating orb. This visit continued for 3-4 nights. Finally the activity got sinister as she soon started seeing the full body of a child in blue light. She shared her experience with her father who completely affirmed her experience as he too was seeing the same stuff simultaneously. Now that’s spooky for you and I always though orbs are usually friendly. 

Penny's Orbs

Image Source: ranker.com

12 Black-Eyed Ghost (or Black-eyed Children)

It’s an universally accepted fact ghost are scary in any form or shape but apparitions with black eyes are the ultimate nightmares enough to scar you for life. In 2015 a group of ghost hunters in Staffordshire claimed to have had visual evidence of the famous Black Eyed Child of Cannock Chase. The hunters discovered that according to legend in 1800’s the black-eyed boy had died of diphtheria, which might or might not explain the existence of this creepy black-eyed boy. 

Black-eyed Children

Image Source: talltalk.info

13 Children at the Spy House

The spy house of New Jersey was built way back in 1600s by Thomas Whitlock, and is THE MOST HAUNTED house in the United States. It seems this building now acts as a multi-purpose shack for Whitlock and his bevy of pirate ghost friends like a hotel/ brothel/pub house for the dead etc. Surprisingly it also has an unaccountable amount of child ghost sightings as well which is quite baffling for ghost hunters. There have been umpteen amounts of sightings of group of children playing in the front yard, which looks quite normal from a distance. Its only if you look closely enough none of them are dressed according to this era or the most disturbing fact they all have those quintessential horrid black eyes! 

Children at the Spy House

Image Source: tripvoid.com

14 The Begging Boy

This one is so heartbreaking it hurts while I write about it too. The old ruins of Castlyons, Cork, Ireland houses a really tragic boy ghost. He wanders aimlessly and runs into anyone who can see him and piteously begs for his life while repeating the final, tragic moments of his death. It’s a gut-wrenching experience for many and more so as it frustrates us that we cannot do anything to help this boy from his misery. 

The Begging Boy

Image Source: www.spookyisles.com

15 Yeats's Ghost

Well, who could have thought that an illustrious author like W.B Yeats would have a tryst with the supernatural and that to a successful one? While conducting séances in his residence which was quite a common practice in Edwardian high society, he was contacted by a supernatural boy who promised to visit his wife Georgia. And guess what? It actually happened….later that evening his wife gets a special visitor appearing out of a mist who spoke to her. Later Georgia described the phantom boy’s face as having a pallor which reflected tragedy which should never be experienced by any boy his age. 

Yeats's Ghost

Image Source: www.irishtimes.com