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SIPA 2017, The World’s Most Prestigious Photo Contest Has Just Announced Its Winners and The Photographs Are Mind-Blowing

By Andrew Alpin, 11 December 2017


In case you didn’t know, The Siena International Photography Awards happens to be one of the world’s most prestigious photo contests that attract the highest international participation. The 2017 edition received a whopping 50,000 images from both professional and amateur photographers spread across 161 countries. The competition showcases some of the most mind blowing images in categories like adventure, fascinating faces and characters, Fragile Ice and more. This is a list of 30 of the best award winning photographs taken this year which were recently announced.

1Fragile ice 1st place-Dreaming on sea ice-Roie Galitz (IL)


A shot of a male Polar Bear sleeping on the floating sea ice I the Fjords of Eastern Spitsbergen portrays the growing concern of global warming and how Polar bears blindly trust ice for survival.

place-Dreaming on sea ice-Roie Galitz

Image Source: sipacontest.com

2Fragile Ice-2nd place-Ice-Marcin Dobas (PL)


A shot of fancy types of icebergs in Disko Bay originating from the Jakobshavn glacier. The formations have been caused by melting ice because of global warming.

place-Ice-Marcin Dobas

Image Source: www.fotopolis.pl

3Fragile ice 3rd place-Ludovico-Pedro Armestre (ES)


Taken by photographer Pedro Armestre in Svalbard when Greenpeace held a performance with famous Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi on the Arctic Ocean to create awareness and promote its protection.

place-Ludovico-Pedro Armestre

Image Source: www.savethearctic.org

4Journeys and Adventures-1st place-At world’s end-Alessandra Meniconzi (CH)


Taken in Yamal Siberia of a Nenet girl collecting wood. The Nenets are the last of the nomadic tribes existing in Russia who live in the most inhospitable conditions where winter temperatures drop to -40 degrees centigrade. The little girl’s name is Olya and she is 6 years old.

Journeys & Adventure

Image Source: sipacontest.com

5Journeys and Adventures-2nd place-Selfie Culture-Jelena Jankovic (RS)


Taken during the Massive Attack concert in Pula, Croatia showing how the selfie culture has grown to dominate the young generation.

Culture-Jelena Jankovic

Image Source: www.hk01.com

6Journeys and Adventures-3rd place-Poplars in Sand Sea- Chuansheng Wang (CHN)


Koral in the South of Xinjiang during October. Koral is the home of the pear tree and this desert region is full of it. The autumn colors captured here is fantastic.

lace-Poplars in Sand Sea- Chuansheng Wang

Image Source: hronika.info


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