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You will be amazed to see how big this little house in from the inside. Check it out

By Jatin Sharma, 12 Apr 2017


Architects are wizards and they know how to properly utilize every square inch of the space provided to them in order to build the house. A highly skilled company of architects in Japan have developed a house in a triangular space on the side of the river and a road, utilizing just around 500 sq.ft of space given to them. Check out the brilliant planning and astonishing pictures of the house.

1 The tiniest house

Tiny house in Japan

Image Source: www.sabah.com.tr

But the thing that will amaze you is the amount of space it has inside the house. It has two floors, bedroom on the first floor, while the living room and kitchen are on the second floor. There is also a little mezzanine playing area for kids right by the stairs.

designed by Mizuishi Architects Atelier

Image Source: www.dezeen.com

2 How the house looks from inside?


tiny house bedroom

Image Source: www.everybodysucksbutus.com

The house has a high ceiling and the area of dining and kitchen is the largest planary. Living space has low ceilings and full windows on both sides. The loft nearby the staircase has a skylight to lit up the whole house and provides a view towards the river. The house is built in Suginami, Tokyo in Japan. The architect of the house is Kota Mizushi of Mizuishi Architects Atelier. Currently a family of a man, his wife and their little daughter occupy the house.

Tiny house ceiling area

Image Source: www.vkurazhe.ru

Kitchen tiny house japan

Image Source: www.legeekcestchic.eu



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