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Watch the Results When an Illustrator Converts Your Darkest and Deepest Fears into Comics

By Andrew Alpin, 29 March 2017


Fears and phobias exist in everyone. You may be having a deep rooted fear of the dark or staying home alone. Traumatic incidents may also subconsciously link you to fears such as driving or being driven at high speed. There is also vertigo, a common fear of height. Although many of our fears are irrational, still they exist within us making us truly frightened.

Animator Fran Kraus has come up with a unique way to interpret human fears through animated images by expressing our deepest fears into dark comics and the results are astounding. Just take a look.

15 Fear of swallowing spiders while sleeping

A very common fear experienced by those who may think spiders are crawling into their mouths while sleeping. Although this never happens.

Fear of swallowing spiders

Image Source: www.tumblr.com

14 Fear of one’s reflection

You know that it’s not possible but yet you do worry don’t you? many have this weird fear of their reflection.

Fear of one’s reflection

Image Source: www.interestingpo.com

13 A fearsome paradox


You fear the fact that a ghost may get you, yet it will dispel the fear of death being an end. You get to live on because the ghost proves it. Ghosts, however, are a common fear among adults.

A fearsome paradox

Image Source: www.keepo.me

12 Fear of the woods

You’re scared of camping even as an adult all because mama told you fireflies were ghouls looking at you. How many adults still believe that’s true? And besides, there’s Jason too.

Fear of the woods

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com

11 Fear of being in coma

Hearing voices is a psychotic fear bordering on schizophrenia. What’s worse is that you may think you’re in coma instead. Converting your deepest fears into dark comics may be a great way to lighten them.

Fear of being in coma

Image Source: www.imgur.com


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