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Watch a brilliant and weird performance on America’s Got Talent

By Jatin Sharma, 17 March 2017


Every person has his own unique talent and charisma and something special that he/she learns for years. But most of the times, these talents and abilities are lost because they do not get the correct audience and a platform to showcase their talents. But America’s Got Talent is a platform that has given many unknown people from all parts of the US, a chance and platform to showcase their unique and brilliant talents and abilities. Here is one such ability showed in a weirdly choreographed act by a person wearing a naked leotard. But you have to see the performance to believe it.

1 America’s Got Talent

This act was performed on the US reality TV show America’s Got Talent. The show airs on the NBC television network and it debuted in June of 2006. It features singers, dancers, comedians, and magicians from all places in the US and of all ages, and the people get to perform and show their talents in front of an audience. The prize includes one million dollars since 2008 and a chance to perform on the Las Vegas Strip. The results are declared by audience vote and the show has given a stage to many anonymous and previously unknown performers to receive fame and fortune. Over the years, the show has also seen its share of weird performers and performances. Though some of the performances have been really weird, this particular performance managed to grab the attention of all the judges and audiences in attendance.

America’s Got Talent

Image Source: www.ytimg.com


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