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Did You Know That Spider Webs Can Be Used to Heal Wounds and Injuries?

By Andrew Alpin, 6 April 2017


That incy wincy spider climbing up the wall may give you the creeps but some hundred years ago it would have been a godsend in Europe. You see, rather than treat old spidey with a whack of a slipper; early Europeans used spider webs to treat injuries.

Centuries ago, medication was based on trial and error with emphasis on herbal remedies. Natural remedies more or less reigned supreme along with the discoveries of the time but according to early records, cobwebs or spider webs were actually used to treat injury.

1 Ancient Greeks and Romans knew about it

Back then, spider webs were used as guaze to cover injuries and wounds. Ancient Greeks and Romans especially resorted to such medical practices which observed the wound healed faster. Sounds amazing doesn’t it?

How was this possible? well it all boils down to science. A spider web is rich in vitamin K which is an ingredient that stops bleeding and promotes healing. Roman soldiers would use a combination of honey and vinegar to disinfect wounds and then cover it with spider web. If a web is clean, it’s antifungal and anti bacterial properties can minimise and prevent infection.

spider webs

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2 So how do we know if a web is clean enough to use?

First of all, don’t go looking for webs of Black Widow spiders, rest assured that’s not a good idea and in any case where you may live you won’t see any. BUT!! Be careful of brown recluse spiders as this is the most poisonous spider found in the US. Look for the common spiderwebs at home and make sure it hasn’t got anything stuck to it like dead insects and insect poop.

Now ball up a spider web and place it on your wound. You could apply a bandage to hold it in place. Once the wound is dry and healed, remove the web with warm water. This may sound corny and weird but scientific studies are discovering how you can use spider web to treat injuries.

webs of Black Widow spiders

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