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This Crazy Couple Took The Risk On Their Lives To Get The Perfect Pics Of Their Wedding

By Jatin Sharma, 22 April 2017


People want their wedding pics to be perfect as most of them want it to be memorable. Many try to make it real big and want pictures with a vast canvas, while some go for the intimacy in the photos. However, this Taiwanese couple took the wedding photo game to a whole new level, after they dragged their photographer to somewhere dangerous.

Check out their photos.

1 The wedding couple

Wayne Huang and Amanda Tsao from Taiwan got married and decided to have some breathtaking images for their wedding. They wanted to do something unique for their wedding photos and decided to have their pics taken at some of the most gorgeous place.

much better angle which shows the lake in the crater

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

They chose Mount Rinjani in Indonesia and Kinabalu in Malaysia to have their pictures taken. Mount Rinjani is a 3,726m high active volcano in Lombok. The photography is by photographer Keow Wee Loong and he had to withstand freezing temperatures and put his life in danger along with the couple and his staff in order to take these breath taking pictures.

the couple in a loving hug with the scenery in the background

Image Source: www.diyphotography.net

2 The idea of pictures at dangerous places

Mount Rinjani is 3,762m high and that means it’s like taking a three day hike to the top in order to get the pictures required. Photographer Loong said,” We did a back to back climb in these two countries which was nonstop carrying up all our gear."


Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Then there was the risk of climate turning on them and it did happen. At such high altitude, it is common for freezing temperature to create fogs that hampered the fog. The photographer said, ”We then had to prepare for the right moment when the fog had gone to capture the amazing view which unfortunately meant waiting in freezing cold temperature.”

the couple here shout out their marriage to the clouds

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3 The output


the bride looks floating in the air

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The couple did the trekking for both of the mountains back to back. This involved them waiting on the peak of the mountains’ peaks under rain and freezing temperature until they got the perfect shot. The photographer and couple both took big risks for every shot. However, the results are fabulous. The photographer went all creative and has made the bride look beautiful and graceful. The couple together has looked heavenly.

Breathtaking photoshoot

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk