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Try These 10 Tricks To Exploit The Most Out Of Windows 10’s Creator’s Update

By Arkadeep Deb, 22 April 2017


The newer generations of Windows are more of an acquired taste to hardcore users, as most of them saw beyond feature-heavy and eye-candy cluttered operating system. Windows 8 and 10 lacked the user-friendliness and the accessibility of Windows XP and 7 and therefore saw only a few years of gap between the former. To make up for the lack of fan following that Windows XP had commandeered over the years, such that the technical support for the same was stopped almost 20 years after it was launched Microsoft released a slew of updates with the Creators update bundle, with privacy and hardware management being at the center of the same. Here are 10 tricks that improve the Windows 10 experience.

1 Privacy management


Privacy management is not an option in Windows 10 by default, if you choose Express Install instead of a customized install, it does not allow you a lot of options to change them on later. However, if you choose a customized installation, all these options remain available in the settings. By installing the Creator’s update, end-users are given a host of options to choose from. New users may discover that unless they have chosen customized installation or the creator’s update the option to decide whether anonymous reports are sent to Microsoft or not, are not made available to the user anymore.

Privacy management

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